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    Posted April 18, 2012 by
    Boise, Idaho
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    Memories of Dick Clark

    For my dear friend & mentor, Dick Clark


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     PRandR was a member of the Raiders. This photo was captured in 1965 while the band was shooting the NBC show "Where the action is." PRandR describes Dick Clark as being a wonderful and close friend. 'He's my guy. We saw each other six weeks ago, and I can't even believe he is gone.' He says his heart sunk when he heard the news of Clark's passing. 'When you get older you want to spend time with the people you are close to, and you keep putting things off because you always think you are going to have another day.' He says he is really glad he had the chance to see Clark 6 weeks ago. 'You need to always tell your friends how much they mean to you,' he says. 'That is what I learned from this situation... I gave him a hug and told him everything I have and everything I am I owe to him.'
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    For my dear friend & mentor, Dick Clark.

    I owe everything to Dick Clark. And I am SO thankful that I got to tell him so, six weeks ago, at his house in Los Angeles.

    Once upon a time, way back in 1952, there was a local Philly show called BANDSTAND. In 1956, a young, charismatic, good-looking kid named Dick Clark became the host of that show. He helped make it so popular that on Augus...t 5, 1957 the newly-named, AMERICAN BANDSTAND, debuted nationwide on ABC. The rest is history.

    AMERICAN BANDSTAND became an American institution, and Dick Clark became one the most well-known and beloved celebrities in show business, recognized by several generations all over the world.

    What were the chances of actually getting to meet a guy like that, much less have a life-long relationship with him?

    Dick first entered my life when he helped Paul Revere and The Raiders have our very first Top 40 hit in 1961, by playing "Like Long Hair" on AMERICAN BANDSTAND. I can't tell you what a thrill that was for us, I mean, that was huge! But not nearly as huge as our next big break, orchestrated by our manager, Roger Hart.

    Roger was able to get us a spot on the pilot of the Dick Clark production of a new TV show called WHERE THE ACTION IS. It was on five days a week on ABC, and from it's debut on June 28, 1965, we appeared on more than 500 episodes and became a staple on the show. Our affiliation with Dick Clark and WHERE THE ACTION IS led to instant national exposure, nearly instant fame, a major recording career, and invitations to appear on other major television programs: American Bandstand of course, plus Johnny Carson, The Smothers Brothers, The Ed Sullivan Show among others, and even an appearance on Batman!

    The show ended on March 31, 1967, but thankfully, Dick wasn't through with us yet. He put us on TV again, this time on a summer replacement show called HAPPENING. Then again on the weekly, Saturday morning series' (following AMERICAN BANDSTAND), HAPPENING 68 and HAPPENING 69. Dick loved us and he liked having us around, and we were a perfect fit for him and his teenage-targeted television shows. In the 80s when we did yet another weekly summer replacement show for Dick, and throughout the years appeared on countless TV shows and specials with him.

    Dick and I worked on projects together outside of television as well. In 1992 we were partners in the very successful restaurant and nightclub called "American Bandstand" in Reno, Nevada. Bill Medley and I also opened the Branson "Dick Clark American Bandstand Theatre" complex in Branson, MO. Bill myself and The Raiders performed there for 3 fantastic years.

    Over the years Dick, his wife Kari and I have remained close friends, and have spent many memorable times together. Dick and Kari would have my wife Sydney and I stay at their beautiful Manhattan penthouse apartment whenever we were in New York, and invite us over to his wonderful West coast home whenever we were in Los Angeles. They have always been so kind and generous to us over years, both personally and professionally. Dick taught me so much about the music business, the television business and business in general. He showed me, by example, how to present myself in public, and how to represent myself in the real world.

    Six weeks ago, Sydney and I were in Los Angeles, so we called Dick, and of course, he invited us to come over. We called Keith Allison (a former Raider and regular on the WHERE THE ACTION IS series) and invited him as well. It was just so wonderful to see Dick again, it had been a few years since the last time. We had lunch, talked current events and laughed and reminisced about the good old days - just a really nice time. I was a little sad when it was time to leave, and I promised myself that I was going to get out to L.A. to visit Dick more often.

    We both had tears in our eyes as I hugged him and I told him what he had meant to me in my life...More at www.paulrevereraiders.com
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