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    Posted April 19, 2012 by
    Miami, USA, Florida
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    Why I will not fly BRITISH AIRWAYS ever again!!!


    On the morning of April 17, 2012, without being able to sleep all night knowing that I must wake up at 4am in order not to miss my flight back to Miami and to not be late with the minimun of 2 hours prior to departure as per BRITISH AIRWAYS. I left at 5am and arrived at the Cairo International Airport at 5:30am and proceeded to enter the security lines and then straight to the British Airway ticket counter where I gave ticket counter attendant my passport and he proceeded to check me in. When he asked me if I was checking the 2 travel suitcases; I informed him that I would only be checking one suitcase and the other was a carry-on with the lap-top. He then explained to me that I must check both suitcases as the carry-on appeared to be bigger than normal size. I explained to the ticket counter person that the carry-on was accepted in Miami, Florida, en route to London with no excess baggage fee; he then told me to wait a moment that he had to consult with the Customer Service Manager to see if it would be acceptable and abandoned his post in the direction of the Customer Service Manager. Within 3 minutes they both arrived and the Customer Service Manager without even looking at my carry-on baggage informed me that I had to pay 40 british pounds in order to board the flight. I, with conviction denied his request and informed him that I will not be paying the fee for the secondary carry-on baggage; he then said that I will not be boarding the flight and that I would not be let on plane. I stated that this same baggage was allowed by British Airways in Miami as a carry-on and he was deaf to my plea and stated that If I did not pay the excess fee that I will not be flying at all and left. He left me there standing in the ticket counter facing the ticket counter attendant when he told me that if the baggage fitted in the baggage gauge, then I did not have to pay the excess fee; so I proceeded to the baggage gauge and properly install my suitecase into the baggage gauge and it fit perfectly and approached the counter to show the attendant that it did fit; so I wanted to finalize the process of leaving Cairo en route to London and then Miami, USA. The ticket attendant informed me that the bag had to be inserted horizontally & not vertically. I told him that he was wrong and to please issue my ticket so that I could get going. I told him I was not moving until a ticket was issued and then the Customer Service Manager came back where I told him that my suitecase fitted in the baggage gauge and he insisted that I must pay or leave the line when I rejected his offer and demanded to be issued a ticket...He became irritated and tried to remove my leather jacket from the counter when I told him to please not touch my personal belongings. He then moments later forcefully grabbed my elbow & arm and started pulling when I scolded at him to not touch me... He then within a minute again grabbed me by the shoulders again and I this time loudly asked to please not touch me as he was assaulting me... He then behind my back tried to grab my passport in the ticket counter when I stopped his aggression and asked him point blank if he was mentally insane; by this time he left to get the police. About four police officers aproached me and asked me what was wrong; I told them that I was assaulted by the Customer Service Mgr. and that I wanted to file charges against him. They started talking to him in arabic which I did not understand and ask a few questions to the people around this situation when they instructed me that If I wanted to file charges I would need to file a police report upstairs in the office, where I did. The officer took both of our statements, and inform me that I need to hire a lawyer to come the next day to get an official certified police report that needed to be delivered to the criminal courts in Cairo, Egytp. He then said that If I wanted a copy of the video where it will clearly showed the assault to have lawyer demand it.

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