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    San Diego, California
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    CNN asks it's iReporters for their take on the upcoming elections. As I got to thinking about it, it alarmed me personally at how dispassionate I feel for what appears to already be the anointed Democrat (Obama) and Republican (Romney) who will go to bat against each other come November.


    As a supporter of Obama back in 2008, I am proud that America finally got around to electing a President of color. Should Romney make it to the White House, America would then have it's first Mormon chief executive. These are great milestones in themselves.


    But neither candidate stirs my heart and emotions, like Ron Paul does. According to BeaFields.com website,
    "the U.S. economy is failing and the two-party system in America has become a mere battleground for politicians. Candidates enter the presidency with good intentions but are often sucked into the “machine” that is Washington D.C.–they succumb to bribery by special interest groups and make decisions based on their strategy for re-election. In other words, popularity of the politician has become more important than the well-being of the people." Ron Paul defies the system, and because of this, he has been vilified as a crazy extremist by many. Not so! Ron Paul is honest, humble, upright, principled, & offers real hope for disenchanted voters such as myself.


    The state of politics today is so disheartening. Our country needs to get back on track. I am thankful for this Libertarian icon especially because he does not mince words about our country's dark path. I can appreciate this, despite how alarming it sounds.


    Paul recently spoke to a large crowd at Cornell University and gave it to the college crowd straight up. "The economic crisis is real, young people know what they're facing, they know that they're in debt, no jobs are coming. You can’t solve the problem of debt, the people of this country are sick and tired of the war. The time is right for us to win this cause,” Paul told the students.


    A major reason I really like Ron Paul? He has the right ideas regarding medical marijuana. Paul discussed the legalization of drugs like marijuana at Cornell . Paul said he believes there shouldn't be any federal regulations on medicinal marijuana and that if he were president, he would leave that decision up to the states How awesome is this to hear, especially coming from a real medical doctor!


    Truth be told, Ron Paul is just the sort of candidate who can inspire voters once again. Rather than ho hum your way through another Presidential title fight, it feels great to realize that there is a candidate out there who is no pussy. I like that he is not afraid to disagree. Big business or the military do not call the shots for Ron Paul. He is his own man. How refreshing is that concept?


    Lots of little people like myself have sent in what they can afford as donations to fund this audacious Libertarian. Ron Paul is not a warmonger. He would only step in when necessary. Ron Paul believes in keeping government small & allowing states & local areas do a lot of their own governing. He is a strict constitutionalist.


    Best of all, Ron Paul is an annomoly in politics--he appears to actually believe in something. His fundamental views have remained solid since he began his political career in 1971 and first ran for Congress, according to a story in Newsweek magazine. The Daily Beast calls Paul our "bargain-basement Jefferson for our time."


    That is what America needs right now for Election 2012. The good doctor, of all people, is showing us the way. For this longtime Democrat with an Independent bend, Ron Paul  may just be a type of political savior. A Republican with Libertarian ideas, he has a great message. Ron Paul as the Republican party candidate for the 2012 presidential? Yes, I know--a long shot, but his emergence has galvanized those of us fed up with the political status quo.


    iReport wants to know what issues have a grip on us iReporters this election year? Short answer: RON PAUL.

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