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    Posted April 21, 2012 by
    Gulf Coast, Mississippi

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    What I LOVE most about…….


    Playing Guitar – How when I play, I lose myself in the music and every problem in the world disappears.


    Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Shakira, and Kate Beckinsale (Just for starters) – Their physical beauty is off the charts. I’ll never get the chance to find out if their inner beauty matches the outer shell…But oh what an outer shell.


    Shooting Billiards –How I rarely lose and back in the day it paid a few bills.


    Republicans – Their drive to keep the Democrats in check and their position on gun rights with ensuring all of our right to self-protection.


    Democrats – Their drive to keep the Republicans in check and their position on the environment and maintaining our natural resources for future generations.


    Independents such as myself – Our commitment to destroy the two party system one day and provide for complete and utter independent thought in all phases and subjects of life.


    Former President Bush – His love for country and traditional values and his honesty of person. Not much flip flopping. You knew where he stood agree or not.

    President Obama – His modesty of compromise, His transformation of the international U.S reputation for the better + drawdown of troops.


    Laura Bush – The Grace she kept as first Lady and her focus on educating our children.


    Michelle Obama – Her strength, drive and courage in the face of adversity.


    Kim Kardashian – Her back side. Nothing else…

    Jennifer Lopez – Her laugh!


    Most Animals – (Save Lions, Tigers and Bears) – Their unconditional love without all the drama or daily shopping list.


    My iPhone – CraigsPro! – I buy and sell “stuff” and this application has been invaluable.

    The South (USA) – The friendly hospitable people and laid back lifestyle and the warm weather to boot.


    Texas – My favorite state I’m not currently living in. Their pride in state, rich and independent history, freedom based government and overall can-do attitude.


    Arizona Tea Drinks – Large size drinks at your local convenient store for 99 cents that come in many flavors including my favorites Raspberry and Green Tea.


    Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi, Ann Coulter & Hillary
    Clinton – No Comment except for celebration in the power and advancements made by all women. The drive of these and all women are what allow my three daughters to prosper and live a life with a limited amount of discrimination. Anything is possible for women now and my daughters are proof of that.


    GOD – My faith and utmost certainty of God’s grace and love through and for all of us. Each day when I see birds displaying their acrobatic symphony of sky dancing or even something as simple as an Oak tree blowing in the wind in front of an aging sunset I am reminded of God’s presence everywhere.


    Religion – The striving to be a positive force of helping humanity in times of crisis and providing a solid moral foundation for right and wrong. This does not make a perfect person or one without mistakes but rather one at least attempting to do the best they can while admitting when we they fall short.


    Adam Sandler, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy & Steve Martin – Being among the funniest people to ever live among many others not mentioned per space allowance. In my mind nothing beats adding some good old fashioned laughter to one’s life.

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