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    Beverly Hills, California

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    I am writing this report to enlighten people about the reality of what the UK has become, rather than the hyped-up touristic, olympic games, Country village quaint, delightfully pleasant place images that those who stand to benefit from would have the World believe !

    Convicted terrorist abu qatada, pictured with home secretary theresa may who holds the ultimate cabinet power yet CANNOT deport him or ANY of the multitudes of other foreign, including illegal alien MURDERERS, RAPISTS, HOME INVADERS, KIDNAPPERS, MUGGERS,etc because the EU courts frequently and arrogantly interfere with and overule british justice !

    Also featured are some of a gang of thugs, including a female, who cold bloodedly murdered an aspiring 19 year old footballer after chasing him into victoria station (one of london's largest and best known) and punching, kicking then knifing him 9 times to death in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses, with an air of indifference to and arrogant defiance of consequences!

    Following photos are related to several violent hoods who burst into a convenience store and indiscriminately shot a young girl, playing in the isles, she wanted to be a dancer, now she is crippled for life !

    An illegal immigrant rapist from somalia, ordered deported several years ago by a judge, but still in the UK who has just raped ANOTHER victim !

    The last photo is of the 19 year old victim whose life was snatched away by a bunch of

                                 VULTUROUS, SAVAGE ANIMALS !

    Other than bad weather, unemployment, useless police who protect and serve ONLY themselves, including overpaid chief constables who earn some 250,000 pounds anually, more than the prime minister, and who sit on their backsides doing nothing most of the time except waiting for retirement and BIG-FAT-PAYOFFS ! unemployment and crime ridden streets, are just some of the reasons why over 5.6 million Brits have become expats (including myself) and are happily now living in warm, safer places such as australia, spain, canada, the us and asia.

    Compared to other countries, including where most of these perpertrators hail from and where they would face SEVERE, MERCILESS punishments including the death penalty, bewigged british judges, a pansy-ised, effeminate bunch on a whole, that belong in a Dicken's novel in times of old, tend to slap them on the wrist and are almost apologetic to such hardened, violent scumbags who have NO REMORSE or FEAR of consequence and even often smirk and laugh in court as if they've done NOTHING really bad or wrong!

    I am NOT featuring these people in my report just because they are black or of african, carribean,etc places, because many violent and terrible crimes are also commited by white criminals. But the cold hard facts are that the MAJORITY of these horrible crimeshappening on a daily basis in the UK are commited by young blacks and muslims upon whites, who comprise some 84% of the population !

    There are many brits who would probably welcome a Cromwell-style revolution, even if just to throw these foreign persona-non-grata dirtbags out of the Island and to rid Britain of the royals and extremely wealthy elitist class who have 24/7 armed protection where the average brit DOESN'T ! In fact, if a citizen, even a senior pensioner tries to defend themselves against violent home invasion or ANY other unprovoked crime against them, they are the ones more likely to face arrest and charges rather than the criminals !

    Since joining the eu Bitain has become a crime CRIME RIDDEN COUNTRY ! where hoardes of eastern european gangs,organised criminals, muslim asylum pretenders, gypsies, irish travelers and a whole assortment of freeloaders,etc have invaded the Island, made it the most overcrowded place in europe and commit whatever crimes they choose to regularly with an air of impunity ! The ONLY way this will change is if and when the british people vote into power a strong and determined right wing government who will adamantly STOP the madness, ignore the EU courts and brussel's bullies and

                                          CLEAN BRITAIN UP !

    The previous and present governments who, together with parliamentary elected officials, are RIDDLED with CORRUPTION from the TOP down and loyal ONLY to their special interest supporters and themselves !.....have NOT even ATTEMPTED to resolve the uk 's dire IMMIGRATION, ECONOMIC AND CRIME crisises and regularly RENEGE  on their election campaign promises to an ever FRUSTRATED, INFURIATED and DESPERATE FOR LEADERSHIP british people !

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