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    Posted April 22, 2012 by
    South Carolina
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    America the Land of Bullies and Disrespectfulness

    America our country has grown into a Big Bully. People are no longer allowed to fight for what they believe in anymore, without being disrespected and bullied by other people. Isn’t that the America way though, to fight and stand up for what you believe in? We complain about bullying needing to stop, but have we looked in the mirror? America has lost its respect value. Now, personally I thought it was the American way to stand up and fight for what you believe in. That’s not the case anymore and everything has changed, because people have become very disrespectful and don’t want to respect other people’s rights. For example, I learned the hard way, when I tried to fight and stand up for my Confederate flag to stay in my college dorm room window (it’s still standing in the window, but the Confederate flag that people see in my videos was sent to me by an America soldier who fought in Operation: Iraqi Freedom 2009-2010. So yall can continue to disrespect him, by disrespecting the flag he sent me. And he’s fighting for yalls life every day), but people was god awful nasty toward me. People was disrespecting me, calling me the N word (which doesn’t bother me), and even threaten my life. I never did one thing to disrespect people, because all I did was fight for what I believed in, which was “My” confederate flag isn’t racist, because I’m not using it for hate or I’m not racist. But people still bullied me and threaten my life with violence, and I’m like WOW because I never said one thing bad to anyone. Now if I wanted to be disrespectful kids was going to put up Confederate flags all around the campus in my honor, but I told them NOT to do it, because I didn’t want things to get out of hand and people think I’m disrespectful. America has grown into a society in which no one can truthfully stand up for what they believe in anymore, without being disrespected. I understand if people want to respectfully try in correct someone, but the disrespectfulness and hate is not unnecessary. We all talk about little kids getting bullied, but everyone is getting bullied. It’s not just in the schools, but it’s EVERYWHERE!!! Now I have a strong backbone, but a lot of people don’t. This is getting more serious, because more and more people are committing suicide, going on drugs, or cutting themselves, because they can’t stand up for what they believe in. Matter of fact other people are not standing in with them, to tell other people to stop disrespecting them and be respectful. What happened to the respect value America? The bullying is only going to get worst and our country will never get united. Until we look at ourselves in the mirror and ask “Have I been disrespecting people for what they believe in?” we will not be able to move on. Let’s stop the bullying. United We Stand and May God Bless America
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