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    Posted April 23, 2012 by
    Raleigh, North Carolina
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    2 + Years and Counting * Truth, Justice or the AMERICAN WAY?


    *Part 1 of email sent to Wake County DA and NC GENERAL ASSEMBLY members on 4/19/2012*


    Dear DA Willoughby:

    Attached you will find copies of No COA 11-533 filed February 7, 2012 with the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

    For several years now Wake County Courts have allowed Protection Orders to be granted without parties presenting findings of fact regarding the behavior of either party of those who request to petition the courts for a Protection Order.

    As per the documents provided, because the Consent DVPO lacked any finding that the defendant committed an act of domestic violence it was void ab initio.

    The copies above for COA11-531, filed on February 7, 2012, also references the court's decision in Bryant v. Williams 161 N.C. 444, 446-47, 588 S.E. 2d 506, 507-08 (2003) *Again, this has been known since 2003*and yet the Wake County court has continued to issue the DVPOs anyway, knowing that they were not worth the time and money spent to issue them to begin with. But they also knew that most of the people would never know the difference anyway. IS THIS REALLY HOW WE WANT OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM TO BE?????????????

    My son, John, has become a victim of the court system, as the ex wife continues to abuse the system by filing false reports against him. He has been jailed many times over and over again, has appeared many times in courts, has been indicted by the Grand Jury not once, but twice, for crimes that did not happen. There was never any evidence what so ever to get a TRUE BILL OF INDICTMENT handed down.
    No doubt, the GRAND JURY put their trust in what Amily McCool said in court, although she had NOT ONE BIT OF EVIDENCE to prove that John was guilty of any of the charges that she was accusing him of. This is a form of CORRUPTION AND COVER UP. John could have become an innocent person indicted, tried and convicted of crimes that were not even committed. The Domestic Violence Protection Order that had been
    provided by the courts was not even valid since there were no findings of the fact regarding the behavior of either party.

    So it seems like all of the attorneys, prosecutors, judges and of course, you could have/would have/should have known about this and that what was being done in court was not, in fact, either legal or lawful.

    Perhaps no one really cared. Perhaps a lot of people are in positions who do not belong in them to begin with. Perhaps these people are there to collect a paycheck and go home at the end of the day.

    There is CORRUPTION AND COVER UP everywhere throughout our country's Judicial System.
    I have decided that it is no longer "what you know" but "who you know" and who is willing to just go along with things which are not "fair and just or legal and lawful". It is only if a person can find an honest attorney and one who wants to help people that a person can trust to do what is right.

    When false charges are filed against people and the "justice system" does not "investigate and verify them first" such as this does nothing but "wastes time and money" and ties up the court systems for no valid reason.

    In the past few years I have learned that as a citizen, I can not trust anyone to be honest and upfront about anything as I have been faced with several different "situations" in my life.

    I have reached out and spent money for attorneys, who did nothing but take my money, and I have reached out to other people, who also did nothing to help me. I have found out that no one really wants to help the people who need help. This is the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, although it is quite sad. I have now realized the reason that there are Court Appeals, for all of the mistakes that are made in court to begin with, only to know that it will continue, time and time again.

    To be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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