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    Posted April 23, 2012 by
    Raleigh, North Carolina
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    The people of the court should know and understand the law in order to enforce it. They should also know when things have happened which are not legal and lawful and have ways to "stop the train from wrecking" before it happens, again wasting a lot of time and money in the process. Someone surely knows what should be legal and within the law. It is sad that laws are interpreted in different ways, whether it is right, wrong or neither. There must not be anyone who actually reviews cases to make sure that everything is in order and at least within the law.

    Laws should be laws and everyone should be able to say, this is what it means and how it is, period. Too many mistakes are being made in the Judicial System or perhaps it should be too many mistakes are being covered up in our courts. Some of the mistakes are perhaps never discovered and others are found after the fact, when a lot of money has been wasted on things which should have not been enforced in the first place.

    Our Judicial System is badly broken, as innocent people are indicted, tried and convicted for crimes that they did not do. This happens a lot. Can you imagine being one of these people who just happened to get "caught up in the system" and sent to a place where actual criminals belong, knowing that you are *NOT GUILTY* for what you have been convicted of and landed there, through no fault of your own, for your entire life????? I can not even imagine what innocent people experience, as it must be HELL every day, right here on earth.

    I, personally, have made many trips to both Orange County, Forsyth County and Wake County Jails to post and pay for bonds and get my son out of jail, in which my son should have not been picked up to begin with. I have wasted money for attorneys fees who did nothing to help. My son's CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS have been violated time and time again and my son's North Carolina Father's Rights have been violated time and time again, with the Judicial System allowing this to happen. North Carolina (State) has appointed attorneys to *defend my son also who did "NOTHING" about this, again wasting both time, efforts and money. (I am sure that no one appointed works for free either)

    Am I upset about this? You darn straight I am. My son has been indicted not once but at least twice that I am aware of on false accusations that NO ONE BOTHERED to verify and for crimes that did not happen.

    Amily McCool has tried every way possible to make sure that my son was convicted on "something" and sent to prison, only because he wants to be able to see his 7 year old daughter, to love her and make sure that she is safe and doing ok and has the things that she needs. I hate to know just how many more "victims" the system itself has created out of people who have done "nothing" to deserve this kind of treatment.

    It is up to the North Carolina General Assembly to change what is going on and to make laws which will hold people accountable for what they do. There is a need for something to be done about such as this and to make people held accountable for what they do, besides collecting their paychecks. There are government run agencies who have not followed what is legal and lawful to do what their jobs should consist of.

    We, the people, can NOT CHANGE what is going on here, but we vote on people, like each of you hoping and praying that you and each member of the North Carolina General Assembly will take their job seriously and will indeed do what is for the good and best interest of North Carolina and conduct it in a professional, legal and lawful manner.

    This is something that needs to be addressed by the lawmakers of North Carolina who can make a difference about what is going on in our Judicial System today. I am hoping that there is someone who will read this email and will address the needs that should be addressed for the sake of my granddaughter, Gretchen (omitted last name)  whom I have not had any contact with for almost 2 years now and for my son, John, who has not been allowed to have any contact with his daughter for almost 2 years now.

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