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                                                  K I M  J O N G   U N

                                                  UN    EXPERIENCED  ! ! !

                                                  UN    P R E D I C T A B L E  ! ! !

                                                  U N   S T A B L E  ! ! !

                                                  U N   C O M P R O M I S I N G ! ! !

                                                  U N   A B A S H E D  ! ! !

                                                  U N   S U I T A B L E  ! ! !

                                                  U N   F I T  ! ! !

          North Korea, with it's untapped raw materials in the northern mountains and low cost labor, has the potential of, like most developing Countries, becoming an economically prosperous boom nation and benefit and transform it's impoverished people into a prosperous, modern society.

          However, like his father and grandfather before him, NK's new leader kim jong un prefers to follow the family policies of hatred and provocation towards it's southern neighbour.

          Many, if not most Countries, if attacked in the manner pyongyang has done with it's frequent unprovoked assaults on south korea would consider pre-emptive measures in the name of self defense,etc. But this isn't the korean war of the 50's and now, with it's nuclear potential, missiles, rockets and massive artillery power and over 1.2 million goose stepping, robotic soldiers, NK is a very dangerous and extremely formidable foe and potentially a living NIGHTMARE !

         The North Korean regime believes, or just simply doesn't care about consequences, that it can continue to frequently assault South Korean territory with impunity, it has zero regard or respect in an way, shape or form of UN resolutions,etc,etc,etc. It has never forgotten that it got it's butt kicked by America and other freedom loving Countries during the Korean war...which as we all well know has still, after all this time, not been resolved. That being said, here we have an assortment of little men in oversized military caps, unearned medals adorning their boisterous uniforms and over 1.2 million robotically brainwashed and programed, goose-stepping morons..zealously awaiting their moment of glory and orders to attack South Korea and prove their macho-isms and skills......which are designed only to kill, maim and destroy innocent  SK victims and the enviable , prosperous Country they have built through hard work and determination !

                                                  GIMME A BREAK !

         Sure the US has plenty of muscle in their garisons, airforce bases and naval fleets ready to defend SK, but a sudden pre-emptive assault from the north with artillery,  nuclear and or chemical  WMD could wipe out so much of SK and US forces that the defensive costs would be prohibitive and unthinkable !

         Kim Jong Un has been given the perfect opportunity to bury the hatchet as the saying goes, forget about retributions, transform and develop NK from a pariah State into a modern success story,
    but then I guess that would be expecting too much from someone descended from warmongers, who chooses to ignore and defy UN resolutions and World opinion but rather move in the direction of lunacy and armegeddon !

                                      Whatever way we look at it,

                                      Kim Jong Un is showing that he is:

                                             NO GREAT LEADER ! ! !

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