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    Posted April 25, 2012 by
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    One year since Trayvon Martin's death

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    Stand your Ground

    WOW! Stand your Ground is JUST.....right? It worked for Zimmerman, he was fearful of his life, so he protected his life. As we, all know he perused Trayvon, got OUT of his car and chased him down despite instructions to go home, let the police handle it. With all those details, most need to be presented in court YES however just with those details we know it took a month to get Zimmerman arrested and charged. WOW REALLY? Now do me a favor and check out Marissa Alexander story, I stumbled on it while reading the daily news on CNN. We have a mother of 3 in Jacksonville FL, who is black, sitting in jail for 20 years, her offense you ask, she stood her ground just like Zimmerman, however she shot a warning shot in the air, not harming anyone, however she is sitting in jail right now! WHY? The courts said she COULD have gone through a back door or a window, REALLY? So if we are being FAIR couldn't have Zimmerman called the cops and then went home? She had a restraining order on her abusive husband, on the very day was going to tell him she was out, and then he confronted her in a bathroom and proceeded to choke her. No surprise the police took HIS word over HERS, but that is a whole new topic I'm sure all woman can dip into. Now who is sitting in prison. She stood her ground, her life was being threatened, but yet she sits in prison. I do understand gun safety people, a bullet can travel for miles and potential hit someone, yes I understand this, however does this constitute 20 years in prison? REALLY? I thought at first this was a gender issue, however look up this next case, John McNeil of GA. He was a black man that hired a white contractor to do work on his family’s home. The contractor and him had a fallen out, the contractor came at McNeil and he shot, again a warning shot in the ground however the contractor charged him regardless. McNeil again standing his ground shot the contractor dead, however McNeil was charged with life in prison, how was this not self-defense? This lead me to race, which I hate to admit because I like to see OUR America better than that, but yet again it proves me wrong. Seems to some that it is WHITE America and not OUR America. Please look up each case, it's mind blowing how these people were prosecuted with the facts that were outlined. I do understand that we DON'T have the court documents; I understand we are relying on MEDIA reports; however, I wanted to put my 2 cents out there. I think this is a topic all its own that needs and should be explored. How many more sit in prisons because they were JUST and adhering to the Stand your Ground. They were not perusing their attackers, they were giving the warning of please go away, however in both cases they sit in prison. WRONG.... simply wrong. I said it before and I'll say it again, JUSTICE is for ALL Americans not just for SOME Americans.
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