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    Posted April 26, 2012 by
    Hermann, Missouri
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    US Marine Major Christopher Miller MO GOP delegate


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     GoDisplay, a delegate for Ron Paul, shot this video on April 21 of an impassioned pro-Paul speech by a former U.S. Marine at the state delegate convention in Hermann, Missouri. The 'previous speaker was arguing that it is time for all Republicans to fall into line, accept and support Romney in his bid for the nomination for President. Like Major Christopher Miller, I agree that Ron Paul represents the only significant change for our country,' he said. 'One of Paul's differences in position from any other candidate, including President Obama, is foreign policy and the US involvement in wars and occupations in foreign countries, worldwide.'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    Major Miller gave this very impassioned speech at the Missouri 3rd Congressional District GOP convention on April 21, 2012. Here is the transcript of the speech:

    "Mr. Chairman, good afternoon. I'm Major Christopher Miller of St. Charles County, United States Marine Corps, retired. I just served 27 years in the Marine Corps, retired less than a year ago and moved here to Missouri. I've served multiple combat tours as an explosive ordinance disposal officer, disarming bombs and leading bomb disposal technicians in combat. I'm tired of these wars. Our Marine Corps is tired of these wars. The whole Armed Services are tired of these wars, and we're tired of these so-called Republicans and so-called Democrats that give us the same garbage, who are no different from one another. We are tired of it. Ron Paul is the only candidate who represents any change. We are tired of the Obama change and the ObamaCare and all the other Obama garbage. I do not believe that Mr. Romney, governor Romney, is gonna give us anything else than more Obama garbage. WE NEED REAL CHANGE! WE DON'T NEED MORE OF THE SAME! OUR COUNTRY CANNOT STAND ANY MORE OF THE SAME! WE NEED REAL CHANGE! HOO-RAH!"


    Ron Paul has been largely ignored and under-reported by the media. Dr. Paul continues to attract the largest crowds of any candidate at his appearances across the country. Tens of thousands of people have stood in line for hours, often in the cold and rain, just to hear Dr. Paul speak. He has quite arguably the most fervent support of any candidate, including the President, and perhaps of any Presidential candidate of our lifetime. The race continues for the Republican Nomination, and now Ron Paul is the only candidate remaining in opposition to Mitt Romney. Ron Paul is acquiring delegates all over the country and is now determined to have won a plurality of delegates in Minnesota and Iowa. Paul is also well-positioned to take the the plurality of delegates in the other caucus states of Maine, Colorado, Missouri, Alaska and Washington (there may be others), once those states' Republican Parties have held their state conventions. Sadly, the media is scarcely reporting anything on this matter.


    Ron Paul has received more donations from active military personnel than all other republican candidates combined, and even more than President Obama.

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