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    From garden to table

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     No water? No cash? No problem! Read more of airnation1's story on CNN Eatocracy, and join our challenge to grow one thing you can eat this year.
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    Well, I decided to give you some hope for those who wonder.

    I have bought my dream house in the country 8 years ago.
    This is what I thought when I bought it in a very cold day in January 29th.

    The first day, I moved in, I wanted to take a huge bath but what was my surprise when I saw there was only a couple of inches of water in the bathub.

    I have become hysterical that night.
    My life have change ot fun life to hell life.

    My entire ciment investment was worth absolutely nothing.

    I have put all my savings into this and had very little money to fight back meaning no money at all.

    Ameri Spec didnt do a good inspection. Right!
    And the real estate agent who told me the wells I share with my neighbour Mr.Orr was right there; lie to me too.
    It was 500 feet inside the forest and Mr. the neighbour did not want me to fix the problem.
    My city hall refuse me to issue me a permit to dig a well either but what could I do more when you don't have money to fight back.

    I had my garden to keep me alive.
    I had my vedgetable garden to keep me healthy.
    I struggle since then but who would buy a house without water?
    You have to live with your problem and do the best with it.
    I can still buy water bottle at the grocery store and I go fill up some tanks at my mom place. I do the laundry there and take a shower when I go to work at the hotel.

    What happen with the idea to garden for ever?
    It keeps me going on a day to day challenge.

    I have plant all my flowers from my parents place where I used to garden to my new place.
    I did have another surprise when I realized my lot was an old dump. To each flowers I digged out a bag full of garbage. Unbelievable but thru. Still to this day when I replant my flowers, I find some plastic, metal tools, debris, all over my one acre land.

    But my flowers are perenials so they do not need to be watered every day only when I plant or replant them somewhere else.

    And what about my Bio garden well there was an outdoor pool on the land but unfortunately, there was no water in it. How would I know. I bought the house in winter and to fill it up it would have cost me $500.00 and another $500.00 to start it.

    So I decided to grow my own vedgetable garden inside my swimming pool.
    It was a perfect idea to keep my veggies away from the deers and the raccoons.
    I would plant a rose tree every year and in a couple of years nobody will notice.

    So the first year I planted tulips and added some dirt.
    The year after I put in some herbs and vedgetables.
    A lot of work to get up and down in the pool up with dirt and water and down in the pool to water the plants and work in the garden.

    I would get the water from the creek or from the gutter and water my plants.

    I grow some tomatoes, lettuce, basilic, coriander, chives, beets, cuccombers, bluberries and corn.

    My big goal when I bought my house was to garden for ever and ever from flowers to my own food.

    Last year, I had another neighbour who decided to do some work on his land and he loaded more than a hundred tons of rocks to built his road and block my little creek where I used to pump the water to fill in my tanks for my Bio garden.
    This year I am not sure if I have all the energy to do it because of the lack of water access but will see.

    My blueberry trees are growing back in good shape, the chives is coming back, the mint in the pot is growing wild, the oregano is back and the 3 roses trees I planted are alive and well. Will see.

    I just want you to show you my garden who grew beautifully in my swimming pool and to tell you that if you start growing your own garden you will never go back in the summer to buy some veggies in the grocery store for sure.

    The joy of picking up your own and to taste it will bring you an another dimension to appreciate your planet even more.
    sit down for lunch on a sunny day pick up a tomatoe, sparkle some basilic and enjoy gardening your own food.
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