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    Posted April 25, 2012 by
    Yorba Linda, California
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    Are You F**king Kidding Me?


    I was recently ejected from my eldest son’s Little League game for saying “Are you f**cking kidding me?” after the umpire called a boy out who slid home. He wasn’t even my kid, but this umpire was what I like to call on ‘a power trip.’ You know the ones that take their job way too seriously? You know the ones. Those that are drunk with power because their lives are otherwise meaningless. I digress.

    Still, I took full responsibility and left the field. I apologized to those in the stands and shot off an email to the team’s parents apologizing for my foul language. Then on the way home I thought more about it. I shouldn’t have, but me I can never leave good enough alone.

    Where did this word come from? Who first used it? Why is it considered so vulgar? Isn’t the use of that word protected under my First Amendment rights?

    Yeah, I really over thought this one, but it’s not the first time using the word has gotten me in trouble. Actually it’s the third time in my life. First time was back in ’94 when I told my supervisor to f*ck himself and I got fired, but then rehired after it was proven that he provoked me. Second time was last year when my son, who was in second grade, told another student the word after the kid told him he wanted to learn a new word. The child’s mother overheard it all and in my opinion totally over reacted. That took two days to clear up with the teacher and principal.

    This also reminded me of the iReport of the mother who admitted that her kids use the N word.


    I mostly use the F word to relieve stress. After I say it, I usually feel much better. Don’t get me into a heated verbal argument because then I start cursing like a sailor. I know it’s frowned upon, but you know everyone says it. Well, not everyone. Sarah Palin says ‘flip’ instead. I tried that for a week. It didn’t flippin work for me.


    I guess because of the extreme amount of power the word holds. I’ve even seen a photo of the word written on a protest poster on the front page of The Daily Titan, Cal-State Fullerton’s newspaper and I thought that wasn’t allowed.

    I was so intrigued by my own misstep that I Googled the word and the first page I got was a nice Wikipedia page with lots theories of how the word came about. I would give you the link but it has the word in it.

    I like to think that it came from the English Acronym “Fornicating Under Consent of King,” which was shortened and put above the doors of those that were given permission to have children.

    Comedians use it to get laughs. Politicians use it out of frustration or in Joe Biden’s case, out of elation. How can such a word have so much power? Why do we give it so much power?

    Tell me I am not the only one with a foul mouth or tell me to STFU or ask me WTF? I think if I put this on iReport, I might be FUBAR’D.

    Why can’t I seem to shut my f’n mouth? LMFAO.

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