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    Posted April 29, 2012 by
    Buffalo, New York
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    Obama lied to Rolling Stone about his ability to change Cannabis to a schedule II or schedule III drug. He has every power to do it, there is proof. He has lost my vote. Republicans, now is your chance to make right where he did wrong.


    The government has PATENTS on Cannabinoids. So to say it has "no medicinal value' is a straight up lie. You cannot outlaw nature.


    Alcohol and Tobacco are drugs too. To say there is a difference is also a straight up fabrication. Especially considering there are very little known recorded deaths even with Cannabis as a secondary cause. That alone makes any argument with the words "tobacco and alcohol" in the same sentence completely irrelevant. They are two totally different substances and cannot be compared in that manner. Criminalizing somebody for using marijuana is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life, I have not heard ONE good reason so far, the entire presidential campaign to prove it is a bad idea to legalize and regulate the responsible use of Cannabis. Everything that is said in opposition to it is either outdated, redundant, false, or misleading. I will NOT vote, for any candidate, who feels responsible adults using marijuana recreationally or for medicinal purposes should be criminalized. End of story.


    I have a rare form of Esophagitis. On top of that, I take prescription medicine for ADHD. Between those two, I cannot eat. I am 25 lbs underweight which is dangerous. I'm 21 years old and I weight 110 lbs. I am never hungry, and when I do eat it makes me sick because I'm not used to full meals. The use of Cannabis (NOT smoking, vaporizing or eating) helps me eat regular meals with no issues at all. I have not been sick in almost 5 years since I started using Cannabis. My seasonal allergies are all but gone completely. I feel ENTITLED as a citizen of this country to be able to receive a medical card and get the proper medication I need. I do not need more prescription medications, I've had enough of them. All they do is hurt me even more. I am sick and tired of the straight up lies I hear coming out of the electoral candidates mouths. One of you needs to take a stand and do what's right for the good of this country. If you know anything about it at all you need to take off the mask, stop pretending it's some sort of evil horrible thing, and give it a shot. There is no more reason for it to be Illegal. None at all. I would like to hear one GOOD reason it should stay illegal, one we haven't heard a million times based on evidence that was outdated 15 years ago. I'll bet none of you will have that answer, which is all the public needs to hear. Obama can't find an answer, he just avoids the question with buzz words and comparisons to heroin. Now is your time to make a difference, that's why you wanted to get into politics in the first place correct? to make a difference? this is your chance.

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