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    " Welcome to my World "


       I have never believed life was meant to be easy...and I was right !

       I was born in Wales,raised in Australia and spent 25 years in Southern Calfornia. I have also visited and lived in NZ, Canada, Japan and most of Europe. Travel IS the best form of education because you get to see and know the World and people,etc for yourself rather than through the eyes and opinions of others. I have taken my Sons around the World by cars, trains, boats and planes since early childhood and this has helped them adapt anywhere much easier.  I have no confidence in preachers or politicians because neither can tell the truth and are only interested in self gain and their own special interests !

    Those who can make you believe absurdities...can make you commit attrocities.               Voltaire.

           I admit I am far from perfect...I am human and have made many mistakes in my life. I am not religious and have never been convinced about any religion being the right one because ALL religious propaganda is written and spoken by humans and no human has ALL the real answers to life ! My mind is free from religious or political indoctrinations.   I have been in the media and showbiz all my life, raised two Sons as a single dad, this has NOT been easy !.

          I have suceeded in my career but failed as a parent in many ways and I should have stayed single because marriage is NOT for everyone.

    Other than being a top radio DJ in several Countries, producing live and tv childrens shows and publishing a superhero comic I am basically a realistic, ordinary, down to earth person. I try not to waste any time and do whatever needs to be done because every day is precious in life !

              " Time flies never to be recalled " Charles Dickens

        I don't smoke or drink, try to stay as vegetarian as possible and do my best to exercise daily, get plenty of sleep and take care of myself as best as possible. I have always believed health is the most important thing in life, lose it and ther's nothing left ! Our bodies are not machines, there are no spare parts for many vital organs, we are merely flesh, blood and water and our bodies have to last a lifetime.

         I am not well off but I have learned that the old sayino give me the chance g is true....." The simple things in life are best and free " My personal philosophy is be grateful if you have enough food and shelter to get by and appreciate your good fortune if you get better. I don't believe in selp sympathy or excuses for failures because there are always others who are far worse off than me !

         I have attached some photos about my life and career, well folks that's about it for me, hope I haven't bored you too much.

         America was the only Country to give me the opportunities to succeed and I loved the people and way of life there !

         I admire the SEALs and think they are incredibly brave,great teamwork and decent folk who risk everything because they believe in freedom and freedom isn't free ! I like their motto too :

                    READY TO LEAD.....READY TO FOLLOW.....NEVER QUIT !

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