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    Posted April 29, 2012 by

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    Syria Homs A Corpse on the street for 28 days. Assad's Crimes against Humanity 26-4-2012

    Syria, Homs A Corpse on the street for 28 days, can't retrieve it. Assad's Crimes against Humanity. 26-4-2012
    Homs, Bab Dreib 26-4-2012
    We are here in the besieged neighborhood of Bab Dreib. It is surrounded from all directions by Assad's Forces.
    We are filming from inside the house which was bombed and destroyed. Take a look at the destruction everywhere. Look at the dead body on the ground. He has been lying on the ground for more than 28 days!! He tried to escape from his shelled area to die over here.
    What's happening here is unbelievable and unacceptable. We can not pull the corpse so far. Assad's Snipers are everywhere..
    They blocked the main and side roads. The snipers are on the top of the towers. There are bodies in the destroyed homes still under the rubble, we can not pull them. We have families gone missing, we know they didnt leave the area!! And in Job Jandali also, there are bodies inside this occupied neighborhood, they were slaughtered by Assad's security Forces.
    Oh God, Assad's thugs killed several people field execution style at a Mosque. They were hung by gallow ropes, and their bodies still there. we were told so by several people who saw them.
    When Assad's thugs finally left the area, they set fire to the houses burning people in their homes.
    Next to the mosque there are dead bodies as well.
    O' World, O' people, there are corpses on the streets of Job Jandali and Karm Zetoon, no-one is able to retrieve.
    There is a fear of a widespread of diseases with the warm temperature due to the approach of Summer. Look at the maggots on this corpse, he is been there for 28 days!!!
    We don't have the chemicals needed to protect ourselves. The government is not spraying pesticides not even the hospital.
    We are concerned about health risks here, from the Corpses and months of uncollected garbage.
    This is awfull, unbearable situations. What Assad regime created is an inhumane nightmare, it is beyond belief....
    Hey, Have a look!!! The Red crescent and Human Rights Organizations..
    We wonder why the UN Observers have declined to enter the area!! We asked them to come and help us in collecting the corpses of these occupied neighborhoods, We even asked them for some pesticides..
    There are 15 districts occupied by Assad security forces and thugs. They occupied the residential houses and their military vehicles are deployed in the neighborhoods. The UN Monitors are afraid that Assad's snipers will target them as they have done it before when they came the first time to Biayada neighborhood.
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