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    Aafia’s constitutional, religious, democratic all rights have been violated


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Ayub1965 shot these photos of thousands attending an April 29 protest rally in Karachi, Pakistan, for imprisoned Pakistani neuroscientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Siddiqui was convicted on charges of assault with intent to murder her U.S. interrogators in Afghanistan. 'Pakistani peoples believe that Dr. Aafia is innocent and American government did not prove any allegation in court against Dr. Aafia,' he said. 'I request to American peoples and government to review her case and give her all human, women, mother, prisoners and religious rights and release her immediately because now she is [a cancer patient].'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    Dr. Fauzia, sister of Pride of Pakistan, daughter of the Nation, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, said it has been 9 years since Aafia’s abduction and for the past 5 years Aafia is locked up in a US jail for a crime she did not commit. Yet our leaders talk of democracy, parliament, and constitutional rights but strive only to save their own seats and positions. Our sister and daughter of the nation is being politicized and used, though her constitutional, religious, democratic all rights have been violated no positive action is undertaken.
    Dr. Fowzia was addressing a huge rally of the Karvan-e-Ghairat (the Honor Caravan) where thousands of people had gathered in support of Aafia Siddiqui and restoration of honor and dignity.
    Dr. Fowzia Said today is Mothers day, and we can all see the double standards of the Western imperialism. I ask the mothers of the west to feel in their hearts the pain that their governments have inflicted in the hearts of the mothers whose innocent children were victims of bomb blasts, the illegal war on terror and drones, the screams of the mothers of the enforced disappeared. The irony of Aafia’s children deprived of their mother. The sea of sorrow in the eyes of Aafia’s brave mother; not even a phone call on mother’s day!
    We have chosen Kati pahari as the second event of Karvan e Ghairat because you are the people who are suffering and know the pain and feeling of losing a loved one and living in constant fear of the worst. Yesterday even the free Aafia camp was attacked and cowards of the establishment tried to fire from behind. Despite all of the threats you, the thousands who have gathered here are facing you stand united for honor and dignity are the true voice of the people. Aafia is being punished because she wanted to bring an educational reform. Insha’Allah with your help on her return we will continue that dream and every child will be educated and trained according to their aptitude. Aafia’s return will be a blessing for the Nation as daughters are Allah’s blessings. I am not seeking revenge, I am not bitter, I am not a politician, nor here for any personal gain, you all know this is not about Aafia alone, this is about us. It is our honor and our dignity which we need to restore. Our survival as a nation depends on this. If we can unite for our dignity we can emerge as a respectful people who then cannot be ridiculed or subdued. She hinted at the contempt case and said dishonoring a woman is a worse crime than contempt of court. The silence from those quarters of justice is deafening.
    Pasban President Altaf Shakoor while addressing the rally remarked that this mother’s day again proves how ruthless the American Establishment is. He said contempt of court case on the PM was symbolically dealt with but what about the contempt of the honor and dignity of our daughter, our sister? When will justice be served? He lamented President Musharraf for selling our own people for dollars. Our current leaders are repeatedly insulting the nation, ridiculing our people, democracy massacred, and advocating the devil. We will not take it anymore.

    Karachi Pasban president Sheikh Mohammad read out a resolution, where the people will only vote for the party that has an unwavering policy and priority to bring Aafia back. Those who cannot stand for their daughters and sisters will never serve the Nation as without honor there is no principle.
    Every political party must have a very clear policy on Aafia’s return or else be rejected. This was unanimously passed with a thunderous applaud from the crowd. He further said that we will continue to support the karwan-e-ghairat and will take it to all the corners of the country and the Ummah. We will not rest until our sister is back and Pakistan’s dignity is restored.
    Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui
    M.B.B.S (Dow), MD (USA), ABPN (USA), FCNP, FEEG (Harvard. USA)
    Diplomat American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
    Ex. Director Epilepsy Program, John Hopkins Univ. (USA)
    Consultant Neurologist, Neurophysiologist and Epileptologist.
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