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    New book reveals secret meeting on night of Obama's inauguration.


    I don't think anyone will be surprised by this. A book by Robert Draper tells of a meeting attended by several members of the GOP on how to block and do whatever necessary to not work with the president. Of course this has been obvious for along time. Even when the president supports something that they either came up with or supported once the president agrees they change their tune. Even the health mandate was a Republican idea. The book says Newt would was in attendance walked away giddy that night. But what the GOP don't know is that God was in attendance too.



    The article


    As former congressman from Georgia and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich nails the coffin shut on his presidential campaign, we have startling new revelations as to why he ran in the first place. A candidate who resigned from Congress in disgrace, and now married to his third wife seemingly has no moral values other than the ones you can buy from a Catholic priest during confession.


    With the release of a new book by Robert Draper, Newt Gingrich will go down in history as the man who uttered the words at a meeting of top Republican leaders on Inauguration Day 2009. After they had met for over four hours and all agreed to take down the newly elected president at all cost, Newt Gingrich said, ?this day will be remembered as the day the seeds for 2012 were sown?.


    To this day Mr. Gingrich acts as though he was given the keys to the kingdom on that day in 2009. He has dreams of somehow winning the Republican nomination over Mitt Romney by default. He now plans to take his message to Tampa and tout that he was the only candidate who could defeat Barack Obama. As he often says, ?we need a real conservative?.


    The sadness we as a people feel in this new information about the secret meeting on Inauguration Day 2009 is the extent that people will go to gain or to keep power. The fact that we had an election and the best man won means nothing to a sociopathic group of individuals bent on destroying a presidency and taking the entire country down with him, as they agreed, ?at all cost?.











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