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    Posted April 30, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Credit Is Due: Obama Order Took Out Bin Laden


    The  latest dustup in the battle between Democrats and Republicans is over a  new video from Team Obama on the decision by President Barack Obama to  launch the raid inside Pakistan last year and take out Osama Bin Laden,  Public Enemy #1 to all Americans.

    But  let's give credit where credit is due. Rather than miss the chance to  remove Bin Laden from the picture, President Obama rightly called for  Navy Seals Team 6 to go deep into Pakistan without notice and seize his  compound and kill Bin Laden. The President deserves the credit for the  win for the American people and in memory of the thousands of lives lost  on 9/11.

    Kudos and salutes also go to our brave service members who carried out that order.

    Where  the rub lies say Republicans is that the video went too far by  suggesting that presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney would  not have had the same nerve to make such a difficult call.

    Had  the video simply left it as a tribute to Obama's resolve and decison  and not tried to politicize the raid, all would have been well say  Republicans.

    Republicans  point to 2008 when Team Obama decried then Senator Hillary Clinton for  politicizing the same issue in her campaign run against the then Senator  Obama.

    Did the video cross the line?

    Should the killing of Bin Laden be a political issue during the presidential campaign?

    What are your views on giving the President credit for the raid and death of Bin Laden?

    Was the inference against Romney justified?

    From the Cornfield, I do believe in giving credit where is due and the President does deserve credit for his decision.


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