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    When love dies, the life of the persecuted immigrant in the USA

    When love dies, the life of the persecuted immigrant in the USA

    In the USA, there is a lot of privilege that you cannot find in the third world. The students get help from the government and they can study what ever they like. There is no entry exam for the students and any student who can study can find a place at the university. And if he/she had no money, there is a lot of help they can get. The wages is not bad for the poor people in compare with third world or Middle East, the workers and special the technical workers have a good salary. The people have freedom of speech and the women are freer than in the third world. They can wear what ever they want and they can also choose their husbands. The young people from other countries have a lot of chance here to be successful.

    Sorrowfully sometime, people in other countries are forced to come here. They were in their countries doctors, engineers, college teacher, academic officers, generals and scientists. But here, they cannot be successful. First they do not know the system and second they do not know enough cultures and languages.

    The system of the world is trying some how to destroy the Middle Class. They are trained to be against each other and destroy each other to survive. The law here actually supports only the rich people, if you have no money; you cannot hire good attorney and if you cannot hire attorney, you are lost and you have no voice. And you will try to have support form the church, but they refer you also to Job and say, that job lost everything and was hungry and sick; so it is OK with you. The people or the system robbed you; it is fine. You are still healthy and can walk. The Job in the Bible could not even walk, so you are OK and that is the support the churches will give. Or they will say go to other church for help or even go to the Mosques. And if you say that I am persecuted by Moslem and Bahais, they do not understand. That was a short massage Bahram told me. He continues, you know my mother was Bahai and I have been persecuted, because of her religion by Moslems and because my father was Moslem, I was also persecuted in a much better way by Bahais. Both of them took advantage of my persecution and both of them robbed me.

    I thought I am a good engineer and can go to other countries and work. They cannot robe my knowledge. Fereidon a friend of his was also medical doctor and they both came to the land of opportunity, the USA. Firs they accept all type of work, in the hope after learning better English and prepare their documents, they can get a better job. Fereidon could not pass the exams for the medical doctors and give up his trying. He as a specialist doctor, because of age and language could not get the MD degree in the USA. He worked in a very low level job and tried to survive. Bahram was luckier; he got the evaluation and got his MS degree accepted here. He started to work as a full time and later as a part time instructor at a college. As he had a lot of knowledge, they offer him money and occupational license to open a school. He did it and he put all his money and effort to his school. He thought he can help the land and people with his knowledge and experiences.

    But later after few years, the county realized that they did a mistake, they gave him occupational license in an area which is resident ional area, so they revoke the license and they did not issue a new one. He said to them, I lost all my money and all my life with your mistake. Why you gave me that license. They said we are human being and made mistake. They did not carefully check the matter and they just issue the documents. They made mistake and Bahram should be punished. They told Bahram, you can sue us. But no attorney will take the case. The attorneys are after easy money and they do not want to work for a difficult case. And they want a lot of money ab front also? They will get their money in advance and the rest is Bahram problems. So you see if you have no money you have no right in the USA, too. Bahram put all his money and effort in this business and he could not walk away. He put all his saving plus many years of working in this business and they destroyed it, because they were relax and did not search for his position and the position of his building. That is unjust, but nobody care and the whole system is useless and do not bother itself. They sent Bahram for one room to other room and they give him a lot of telephone, but all of them could not help him and they were useless.

    He had no choice to rent the building to the regular people. They thought he is rich and did not pay him the rent. He has to go to the court to evict them and send them out of the house. So they got angrier and destroy the house. It takes time until the court will give the paperwork to the police or sheriff, so the tenants had enough time to live there free and destroy everything they could and as it was designed for a school, they took also what ever they could. From the washer and dryer to tractor and dry walls and the police is too relax to go after them. It is OK for the police, because they did not lose their salary? The water also damaged the house and the insurance companies did not pay for the damages. They just paid 700 dollars to a company to dry the carpets for one week and later they refused to pay. They said, it was a leak and it is fine. The repair will cost over 200,000 dollars. He bought the boarding school for about 800,000 and he put another 800,000 to remodel it to boarding. But the county does not care and the people are indifferent, too. The tenant did not pay and took also materials. The police and insurance companies do not help? The insurance companies can just gather on time the money and keep it. They should change the name to collecting money agency.

    Now the bank wants the money which the people stole from him. The bank cannot understand that the prices are lower and interest rate is lower. What can Bahram do, as the price is 50% down? How can he pay the differences? They want to short sell the house of him and put him on the street. He wrote to all people in the government and tried very hare to survive. The people say to him, why you trust county and local government? Why you trust people and insurance companies? Why you trust people and let them rent your house? There is no law here in the first world and in the land that will guide the whole world to support the victims? After 35 years work, Bahram lost all his capital and the system will put him on the street. The Bank is not willing to cooperate with him? They destroyed him and his credit, so he cannot work anywhere. He hired attorney to help him in the modification, but they got money in advance and they say they cannot do it. The bank will sell the house as a short sell to other people, but they are not willing to let him operate the business with the current price and current rate. He will lose all his down payment. And all the years he worked here. We worked 20 years here and paid over 700,000 dollars taxes, insurance and interest to the bank and repaired the houses which was robbed and damaged. But at the bottom line, after 35 years, he has nothing.

    The system trained the people to be indifference and they see the unjust, but as long it does not refer to them, they do not care. They say why we have terrorists, why the people demonstrate in the whole world? Even in the USA the 99% movement, against the greedy banks and capitalist’s people. Who want to robe the last pennies of people? The greedy insurance companies gathered money, but they want to keep all these monies. The churches are so rich, but they do not create jobs for the people. And the Christians say, OK job had nothing, too. They are also cruel as long as they are not involved. The Jesus told love each other as I loved you. But they refer people to Job? Bahaullah said, if the religion brings disunity, having no religion is better. But they persecute Moslem or even half Moslems. Moslem good leader told the people help your neighbor. But they gathered huge money for just themselves to live in luxury. Some people are so rich and the other people after many years must lose everything they have.

    The people just try to save themselves and do not care about the other people. The love had died and the people are indifferent, cruel and selfish. The law is just for rich people and only the rich people have nice life, the rest of the people should cheat each other, take bribes, and be cruel or indifferent to survive? And the system is training people in this way, so they can sell their drug and materials to them. The Wall Street movement is against the banks and insurance companies who robe people with gathering money and high interest.

    You bought a house, the house lost its value 50 to 60% and the bank want the same money, the 100% and the rate is lower, but bank will the high rate. You are robbed and destroyed, but the bank wants the same amount of money plus some fine? A man worked all his life and has nothing in the pocket. But the bank and insurance companies want money, money, and money and they destroy his/her credit so he/she cannot work. Do you call that democracy, freedom and just? The system brings hate between races, nationalities and different religion, so they separate the people and they start to fight with each other and they robe the whole country. The poor are trained against the poor and even kill them. You can see they fight for different religions and different nationalities or races. The people are trained to misuse each other and just take advantage of each other, so that nobody should trust anybody? If you trust somebody, you will be misused. Agents, insurance companies, management companies all will have money and will not provide any services. They just support that one or that person who can give them benefit, direct or indirect. Bahram said I hired a company to manage my house. They supported just the tenant and were against me. They just collect money like insurance companies and did nothing. I do not know all these happen to me, because I am from Middle East Bahram said; or it can happen to a person who born here? My accent and my origin is a problem for me here, even if in the written law it is verboten?
    I wish I could help this country and be more active and useful, but in this moment, I have experiencing sort of persecution. I feel I have no right here. And if I say to my American friends, they say go back to your original country. May be you will have more chance there? But I brought all my capital here, how can I go back with empty hand in the country that have persecuted me, because my mother was Bahai and the Bahais persecuted me, because my father was Moslem and some of members of both religion robbed me like insurance companies here? I have checks from people they do not pay. But because they changed their address, I cannot even go after them and no attorney or police will help me. All of them are useless. In our short life, we did not learn to be just and friendly to each other. The love had died or?
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