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    Posted May 3, 2012 by
    New York, New York
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    City smackdown: I heart New York

    The 4 Simple Reasons Why New York Trumps LA


    I moved to New York just over one year ago… after having lived in LA my entire life.


    And guess what?


    I am NEVER going back.


    It comes down to 4 simple reasons… which… after reading them it will be easy to see why New York is not just the greatest city in the United States, but likely… the world.


    You probably already knew that… but just in case you need re-assurance, I present to you…


    The 4 Simple Reasons Why New York Trumps LA!


    REASON # 1: NY Food Rocks… LA Food Sucks


    Upon arriving in NYC, I decided to do a little experiment…


    When searching for good places to eat, I've found that if you go online and find a restaurant with a 4-star rating and a decent amount of reviews (say, 10+)… it's going to be pretty damn good.


    Having just moved from an epicenter of LA - the intersection of Hollywood and Vine - I wanted to see how the eating selection compared to that in NYC.


    So I did a search for 4-star plus restaurants within one square mile of my LA place.


    Not surprisingly, my search pulled up 56 4-star plus restaurants.


    That's a lot of good eating!


    Or maybe not…


    I then did the same 1-mile radius search using the zip code of my place in NY.


    And I pulled up *288* 4-star plus restaurants.


    Now that's some SERIOUS eats.


    LA may have In N Out… but Shake Shack is just as good.


    What LA DOESN'T have?


    A single restaurant on this year's Top 50, as ranked by Eatocracy on CNN.


    'nuff said.


    REASON # 2: NY Women Work… LA Women Lurk


    As a man who lived in LA for 30 years, I can say quite accurately that Angeleno women are among the laziest in the entire world.


    Most move to LA with dreams of becoming an actress or model… I can definitely respect that.


    But what happens to the ones who don't make it?


    Do they go back to school? Or… (gasp!) get a regular job?


    Of course not!


    Would Kim Kardashian get a real job? Or Paris Hilton?


    No freaking' way!


    So why should they??


    Most LA women see getting a real job or having to go back to school as a curse greater than death. So they just float on and "fake model" hoping some rich guy will come along and save them (in the meantime enjoying as many free dinners as humanely possible.)


    NY women… on the other hand… don't need a man for sh*t.


    They've already gone to school… they make their own money… and heck, will sometimes even buy a guy a drink!


    It's no surprise NY women have the highest average income in the U.S… but it's so much more than that…


    Imagine how much better the conversation and company is of a woman who's gone after what she wants in life… versus a girl who's waiting for it to be handed to her.


    It's quite amazing… and after dating New York women… going back to LA women, would be… well…


    A curse greater than death.


    REASON # 3: NY Men Make Moves… LA Men Make Great Waiters


    They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman… well… maybe all of the great women in New York are the reason why New York men also beat LA guys in just about every opposite-sex-attracting category… perhaps minus a great tan…


    Better style, higher income, a sense of class… and a drive for success.


    They can also show a woman a great time in places all around the world. It's rare to find an LA guy who has even traveled outside the country… late-teen Tijuana runs aside.


    For the LA girl who does have some ambition, finding a great guy in the city of angels is harder than finding a virgin in Vegas. They just don't exist.


    And even when they do… you can all but forget about them knowing how to dress.


    REASON # 4: NY Is The Center Of The World… LA Is The Center Of... Itself


    LA is certainly the center of the tv and movie world… but plastic surgery, cocaine usage, and small dog-ownership aside… it doesn't lead the way in much else.


    New York, however, is the center of so many areas of modern society - finance, real estate, publishing… it's almost too much for an Angeleno to take in.


    I should know, because I used to be one.


    But because of these 4 simple reasons… I am NEVER going back.


    Well, maybe some day. I do miss my momma. But after experiencing all NY has to offer... it would be very, VERY hard to leave...

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