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    Posted May 3, 2012 by
    San Diego, California
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    Save my show! 2012

    Nikita Forever

    As part of a highly devoted NIKITA fan-base, I am writing to express our collective support of the cast and crew, as well as to articulate why we all hold so much love and admiration for this show.

    We love NIKITA because it is fearless. We are drawn to our favorite assassin-dream-team of main characters because they are constantly being pushed against extreme boundaries. They occupy two ends of a spectrum of human nature: their love for one another runs deep, but so do their killer instincts. It is a conflict between the best and worst of humanity, something we all are afraid to face. This show balances itself on that razor-sharp edge between right and wrong, good and bad. We love how, in a single episode, NIKITA can maintain that perilous equilibrium in one scene, only to topple us over the edge during the next. It thrills us, shocks us, and forces us to reexamine the limits of the human condition.

    We love NIKITA because it is brilliant. Maggie Q is a force to be reckoned with: her portrayal of Nikita is absolutely amazing, (almost) single-handedly making NIKITA the smart, sexy show that we can proudly say we are fans of. Special shout-out to Maggie for a flawless, heartbreaking performance in "Wrath". I knew you were great at kicking butt and taking names, but you really proved your acting chops in the torture scenes with Brandt and the fight with Michael. Thanks Maggie... love you tons!

    We love the action, a perfect blend of grace and brutality. We love the humor, courtesy of snide one-liners by the "Nerd", Birkhoff. We love the raw and understated emotion, especially when it’s between Michael and Nikita. But we also love the cold calculations of Percy and Amanda, executing their plans with clean-cut efficiency.

    But most of all, we love NIKITA because it is empowering. This show is about broken people struggling to reassemble the pieces. It is about the crusade to make things whole again, despite forces threatening to shatter it all. Especially now— when it feels as though the world has forsaken its ideals and replaced them with the corruptive combination of power and money— it can seem as though the worst has won. But NIKITA gives us something to believe in: even in the most desperate and trying of circumstances, we all have the choice to fight back.

    In closing, we are tremendously grateful to have been given a second season. And though I am just one among many, I speak for the many when I say that we hope for many more seasons to come.
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