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    Posted May 3, 2012 by
    Buffalo, New York
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    Common Misunderstandings of Cannabis

    I wanted to go ahead and address a few misunderstandings as far as marijuana consumption is concerned. First, there is a huge difference between an addict and a responsible consumer. You wouldn’t call somebody who has a beer after a long day at work an addict would you? I wouldn’t. Once a substance starts to take over your life in a negative way, I agree you should probably seek help, as it is probably not good for your health or well -being. But to say all marijuana consumers are addicts is straight up ignorant.
    Rehab statistics are commonly brought up for debate in opposition to marijuana law reform. The TRUTH is in the arrest count. When somebody is arrested for possession they are often given an option, they can go to drug rehab or they can spend time in jail. Which one would you choose? Lets say you consumed cannabis for the first time in a month, or a year and you just so happened to get in trouble for it, you’d choose to go to rehab. That does not mean you have a problem that means you don’t feel like sitting behind bars. Hard drug users on the other hand often times admit themselves because they know they have a problem that is effecting their health and well being. There is a large difference and the two should not be compared. Third, you cannot overdose on cannabis, period. You can drink too much coffee and die, you can drink too much alcohol and die, you can eat too much bread and die but you can use cannabis all day everyday, which I do not condone, but if you did you would never have a fatal incident resulting from it.
    Industrial hemp has 0.03% THC. The federal government uses as an opposing argument for legalizing hemp that that it still contains THC. Truth? Nobody would smoke it. You cannot get intoxicating effects from it you’d simply get a massive headache. Which leaves NO reason it should remain illegal.
    So now you know, once again you have been lied to since your childhood.
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