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    Posted May 5, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Libertarians to Choose Nominee Today


    While  most of the nation's voters are focused on the battle between President  Barack Obama and presumptive Republican challenger Mitt Romney, members  of the Libertarian Party are gathering today to choose who they will  put up in the presidential race to tilt at the GOP and Democratic  windmills.

    The  front runner appears to be former Republican New Mexico Governor and  former Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson. His rival to win  the nod from the Libertarian Party is Air Force veteran R. Lee Wrights.  In past election cycles the Libertarian Party backed current Republican  presidential candidate Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

    The  Libertarian Party chooses a presidential nominee on Saturday, who it  hopes can capitalize on the Republican White House candidacy of Ron Paul  and his focus on party values like small government and a  non-interventionist foreign policy.

    While Paul is not expected to  attend the convention in Las Vegas or run as the Libertarian candidate,  his small but devoted following in Republican primaries this year has  buoyed Libertarians.

    "Our friend Ron Paul has made people aware  of a lot of issues that are important to us," said Carla Howell,  executive director of the national Libertarian Party. "If Ron Paul loses  the Republican nomination, where are they going to go? They will make  the choice to vote for the Libertarian nominee."

    Paul, who ran  for president as a Libertarian in 1988, is the last remaining challenger  to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The Texas  congressman is far behind in the polls and has not won a single  nominating contest.

    The Libertarian convention began on Thursday  and is expected to attract at least 600 delegates. Voting will take  place on Saturday to pick a nominee for the November 6 election when  Democratic President Barack Obama will seek re-election.

    Las  Vegas political analyst Jon Ralston said many supporters of Paul, who  polls show commands about 12 percent support among Republicans, may  ultimately back the eventual Libertarian candidate.

    "This could be important in swing states like Nevada," Ralston said. "But to what end - to re-elect Obama?"


    As  hopes dim that Paul can overcome all obstacles to winning the  Republican nomination, will his loyal supporters back the Libertarian  candidate rather than fall in line behind Romney?

    Will Paul supporters sit out the race rather than vote for any candidate, but Paul in the fall?

    Will the Libertarian run take votes away from Romney and hand the President a win for re-election in November?

    From  the Cornfield, many voters are getting tired of the two major parties.  Many voices are heard calling for a 3rd choice for president.

    But  will voters dissatisfied with the 2-party system come out in sufficient  numbers to back a candidate on the Libertarian ticket and deny a win to  both Obama and Romney?

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