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    Posted May 5, 2012 by

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    Is Anything In Life Free? .... Following That Ivy-League Money Trail


    Some Ivy League Universities are now offering "free" online courses (no credit or coursework/hours earned). Does this exempt Harvard, MIT, Princeton et al, from having to increase their admittance rates, and more specifically their admittance of American minorities? Can we assume that this new venture will open up the door for these institutions to receive government [grant] money? Are they trying to meet a specific quota with this new program? According to CNN Money's article last week, the Ivy Leagues admittance rate is at an all time low (http://money.cnn.com/2012/03/30/pf/college/acceptance_rates_ivy_league/index.htm). Harvard is sitting at 5.9% and Princeton's admittance rate is 7.9% as of May 2012. Harvard's admittance of African-American students for the class of 2015 is at a record LOW of 10% (as compared to previous years), yet their financial budget increased to 160 million. I remember a similar policy during my undergrad yrs. at Penn State re: admitting minorities (in 1998, Penn state only admitted 2% minorities into the main University Park, PA campus) Doesn't this make room for the Ivies to "give away" free educations (real degrees, no certificates) to non-American students....

    Not many Americans can afford Harvard/Yale/Princeton/MIT's yearly tuition... I know my parents and I struggled just to send me to Penn State (and I am a McNair Scholar, a Penn State Fellow and graduate and recipient of the Rube Goldberg Award!) So who is really benefitting here? You get no course credit... You get no degree... Are they getting government funding? Are they meeting a quota? So this begs the question: Is anything in life really "free?"

    -Kimberly and Betty Kiel, Sevenfold 747


    Ps. And when you apply for a job, the prospective employer calls the school that you went to to confirm that you obtained a degree (a hard science degree at that)-- even if you've provided them with a copy! This has been MY experience and I cannot speak for others: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-cKelf228CgA/T6fB83d_MjI/AAAAAAAAAMI/LQcbjWJwZFA/s512/Grad.jpg

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