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    Posted May 6, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Poor Taste and Judgement Catches Secret Service Attention


    A  truck pulling a trailer with effigies being hanged rolled through New  York Friday raising eyebrows and questions. The display has even caught  the attention of the Secret Service. One of the figures was that of  President Barack Obama.

    Mike  Opelka of TheBlaze.com was coming out of his New York office when the  truck was passing by. He managed to get several pictures of what was  even a shock to jaded New Yorkers who are use to seeing almost anything.

    After  two decades of living and working in Manhattan, this average New Yorker  believed he had seen everything. Today proved that to be a false  assumption.

    Walking out of the Blaze headquarters on 6th Avenue in Midtown, I encountered this very strange vehicle driving up the street.

    The  flatbed trailer being pulled by the pickup truck appears to have eight  bodies hanging in effigy. Of course my eye was drawn to the body in the  center of the display and the sign with a Presidential Seal (of sorts)  and the name President Obama.

    On the back of the “Hanging Truck” one of the signs reads:

        Obama Is Onboard, Find Out Why. Visit YouTube.com And Search Keyword PatriotPhipps

    Wait  a minute. Someone is driving around Manhattan with the President  hanging in effigy on a truck? Why? The YouTube search proved fruitful  (if not more bizarre than the scene above).

    Apparently the truck  belongs to someone named VR Phipps from North Carolina. Mr Phipps  believes that some of his family members were murdered by local law  enforcement and a massive cover-up has successfully prevented him from  getting justice. So, Phipps did something very bizarre… he built a  gallows in his backyard and also constructed a hanging truck. In the  early version (pictured below) VR only had six people dangling. The  current version seen today has a judge, a highway patrolman, former  Attorney General, the current Governor of North Carolina, a chief  counsel, and a county sheriff.

    Considering that the Phipps  hanging truck was now spotlighting President Obama, the Secret Service  headquarters in Brooklyn was contacted by The Blaze. Agents on duty told  us that they were aware of the truck and the gentleman driving it. They  thanked us for the call and assured us that they were “on it.”


    From the Cornfield, not only is this in poor taste and poor judgement, this is plain out wrong.

    No  matter the man's alleged grievance, this goes beyond free speech  protection in my opinion. The man should be given a cease and desist  order immediately from a judge.

    If  any laws have been broken, he should be fully prosecuted. This sets an  extremely bad example for young people. This is an offense to the moral  fabric of Americans.

    Yes, free speech, but this time, I believe, this man has gone too far and should be condemned.

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