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    Posted May 6, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Backstage Paul Supporters Revolt Against Establishment GOP


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad shared his thoughts on the campaign strategy by GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul to clandestinely secure delegates and force a brokered convention for the GOP. 'Congressman Paul is laying a foundation for 2016 or 2020, and as such I cannot fault him for what he is doing,' he said. 'Whether he will succeed, I am not sure, but there is change happening in the GOP. Should Paul garner enough votes to push a brokered convention, I do believe it will lessen the movement he is building and will lessen the ability of the party to take back the White House.'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    Without  a lot of the mainstream media, especially 24/7 cable news networks,  reporting or taking notice, a revolt is going on in state GOP  conventions across the country especially in caucus states.

    For  a long time Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron  Paul has proclaimed that it is all about the delegates in his battle to  win the standard bearer position.

    That  has become a rallying cry for Paul supporters in places like Maine, New  Mexico, Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota and Colorado. Paul's organization  has been working diligently to make sure Paul's Liberty Movement is  well-represented in these states as Republicans hold conventions to  actually select the delegates to the GOP national convention in Tampa,  Florida the last week of August.

    But  it's more than just the convention delegates at stake. Paulites have  also been revolting against establishment Republicans and claiming  victories in taking control of the state party committees. Whether the  move will result in the 5-state plurality needed to place Paul's name in  nomination at the convention remains to be seen.

    There  have been conflicting reports from presumptive Republican presidential  nominee Mitt Romney supporters and Paul supporters at these state  conventions of political hijinx, fake ballots and threats by the  Republican National Committee to not seat or recognize some of the  contested state delegations which Paul has been winning.

    Many  of Paul's supporters are seeing handwriting on the wall that will lead  to a brokered convention come August which will deny the nomination to  Romney. Paulites point to delegates of former Pennsylvania Senator Rick  Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who now have no  candidate to support. Paulites hope to win those delegates over.

    For  a long time I have stated my belief that Paul is not so much interested in  winning the nomination this year, but rather to shape the Republican  Party platform. I also have stated that Paul is building his Liberty  Movement as a springboard for his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, to  launch a run for the White House in either 2016 or 2020.

    I still believe that is the case.

    Paul  supporters are reported to be pressing a prime time speaking spot if  not the nomination when the GOP meets in Tampa. Paulites are certain  that Paul's message on fiscal restraint and the evil of the Federal  Reserve system is one that all Americans must hear and embrace.

    Do  not think for one moment that Paul is staying the in race just to be a  spoiler. Paul's supporters are out in mass and working the system to  make sure their candidate is not ignored by the established Republican  leadership which has relegated Paul and his supporters to the fringe.

    With  the successes in capturing majorities on the state party committees,  Paulites are poised to reshape the Grand Old Party in coming years. That  reshaping of the party will serve Senator Paul well if he decides to  indeed run for president.

    From  the Cornfield,  all the fireworks from the bruising Republican primary  season are not over...just yet. What is happening backstage is liable to  reshape the Republican Party for years to come.

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