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    Posted May 7, 2012 by

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    Real Life, Real Romance

    Everyone I know told me this was the most romantic thing they’d ever seen in real life. Not because I proposed. I didn’t. Not because it a special occasion. It wasn’t. And that’s why it was so romantic. I have 50 rules on relationships. Rule # 33 is "If you do something great for them on their birthday, your anniversary etc… all you’ve done is not screw up. Do something spectacular for them and do it when it isn’t expected."
    Recently, I decided it was time to buy the companion to the ring I gave my wife at our wedding. It was difficult to find but when I did, I was so excited, I thought about giving it to her as soon as I got home. Then a better idea dawned on me. Rule #7 is "The reason women watch romance movies is because they all wish that, for just one moment, their own life could be like one of those movies. Whether it takes you days, weeks or months, plan something that will make take her breath away and make her believe that dreams come true."
    Some things are inherently romantic. Flowers, music, dancing, night clubs and so on. I decided to include it all. Life is too short to make your best efforts mediocre.
    Our neighbor Tim Catching is in an amazing rock band called Loophole. These guys are seriously talented. I'm seriously not talented. I can't play an instrument and I certainly can't sing. Oh well.
    I ask Tim if I could get on stage and sing a love song to my wife with the band.
    He says "I didn't know you could sing!"
    I reply "I can't!" which is true.
    But who doesn't love romance? The members of Loophole graciously agreed. My wife's favorite song is "Lost in Love" by Air Supply. I re-wrote the lyrics just for her. Next, I ordered FIVE DOZEN red roses and had them made into the largest bouquet I've ever seen.
    I began practicing with the band and it became increasingly evident that I’m just not a great singer. Or even a good one. My nerves were frazzled.
    By May 2nd, my wife says she's concerned about me because I haven’t been able to sleep and when I do, I have repeating nightmares in which I am standing on stage in Spiderman underwear.
    Finally, the big day is here. I select and outfit that I know she loves me in. Jeans, dress shoes, button down shirt and a creme sport jacket. Rule #28: You take the time to look good for people at work. You take the time to look good for people you don’t even know at social functions etc. Take the time to look good for your woman!
    On the way there, my nerves are constricting my throat. After half dozen attempts to clear it, Maria looks at me and says (no kidding!):
    "Well, it's a good thing you're not singing tonight!"
    I look at her at here and offer my best fake laugh.
    We get to the nightclub and it’s packed. Finally, Tim gives me the signal it's time to head backstage. It feels as if someone has poured cement mix directly into my throat. I hear my name, steady myself and try to project the appearance of calm and confidence as I walk on stage.
    Tim plays the intro. I freeze. At first, I can’t sing. Then I look down and see my wife has just received the biggest bouquet of red roses she's ever seen and is looking at me with complete love. My heart is pounding and I'm sweating but the band is really supportive and begins singing with me. This bolsters my confidence and I find my voice! I sound good! Well, maybe not good but not horrible!
    The last verse of the song comes and I leave the stage and go down to her at the table. I open the velvet box with the ring and get down on one knee. The audience starts cheering in support. Maria stands and I put the ring on and kiss her hand. She's crying. Half the audience crying. This is not a movie. This is a moment my wife and I will cherish forever.
    You don't have to be rich to have a rich and fulfilling life. Just think of the person you're in love with and figure out a way to enrich their lives, I assure you that your life will be richer for it.
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