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    Posted May 7, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Fixing Social Security is Easy, The Politics are Hard


    People are concerned that Social Security will run out of money in about 21 years. Republicans are suggesting raising the retirement age. Those of you that are close to retirement need not worry. This change won't affect you because they need your vote.


    Of course, our children will be affected. Republicans are asking us to throw our children under the retirement bus, by accepting their plan for fixing Social Security and Medicare. Are they really worried about the National Debt they say Democrats want to pass on to our children? Makes you wonder when you hear Republican solutions to our nation's challenges.


    Fixing Social Security is as simple as "scrapping the cap"- the income cap on which Social Security Tax is with held. Currently, it's at around $108,000 of income. Millionaires pay nothing on income above that amount.


    This would make Social Security viable for many more years but Republicans don't want to tax the "job creators". Does the GOP  notice that those jobs are created mostly by labor exploitation in markets where slaves make billions for corporations? Sure they do. But it's a nice sound bite for the less informed.


    Medicare and Medicaid could be fixed by letting all Americans "Buy In" to the program at any age. Then, there'd be true competition with Blue Cross and other private health care ponzi schemes.

    This would fund the programs so doctors and providers could be paid adequately and not refuse to treat folks. Government shouldn't cut the amount doctors ask for services they provide. Doctors simply won't take on new patients as they are reluctant to do now.


    A true public option would eliminate the need for Aetna and Cigna. But which Republican would want that? Citizens United made it virtually impossible for Congress to do the right thing for Americans when so much more money can be "contributed" from Corporate America. Here, in the private sector, it's called bribery and is illegal. In Government, well the Supreme Court has made it "legal".


    The "inconvenient truth" for Republican lawmakers to acknowledge is that the best solutions for America's challenges simply aren't theirs or Romney's. Republicans, in the past, used to work with Democrats to solve our nation's problems. Now, they've been taken over by the far right Tea Party- the tail wags the GOP dog.

    What big corporation is going to fix our bridges, rebuild our roads, and educate our children at cost?


    To solve our problems, we must recognize that there are sectors in our economy that must be mainly provided by government. Government does do good and does it for cost.  Corporations don't work for no profit.

    Shareholders, of these corporations, still expect double digit returns on their investments each year. Continuous rising costs are the result of their business model of capitalism.

    Health care and retirement are two of those sectors that should be in the government's hands.

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