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    Unity of mankind can solve our problems in the whole world

    Unity of mankind The only way that we can solve the problems is unity. There is confusion in Iran now. The police hit a girl who has nothing in her hand to defend herself and she felt down. And a young men who came to help her to stand up, is hit by the police also. Is that the police who should defend us against thieves and murders? Is in the Islamic government the moral is so down that allowed a man hit a woman?

    Is a police who is male can hit a female who has nothing to defend? So in this way Moaviyeh, Yazid and Shamer were also good Moslems? The Islamic government is crying if a few hair of a woman is looking out and they say so much about moral and be clean and pure virgins. You should have veil and you should not speak and have connection with the men. You should not touch them and be close to them. And they say we do not have homosexual people and if we found them we will destroy them and hang them up. But they perform the opposite of what they are saying. On the street a male police touch a girl and beat her cruelly. In the jail, their people put their penis in the bottom of boys, which is a homosexual performances and they rape the girls also which is again an immoral action or not? What they advertise, they make the opposite of what they are advertising? They say dancing and entertaining and holding hand of the opposite sex is bad and you should not have fun and you should not have any friendly relationship with the opposite sex and you should not have love affairs with the opposite sex and you should always pray and cry with sympathy for the Imams and hate their enemies or their opposite sides. And you should be like none and munch in the Christian religion that they cover themselves and do not enjoy the life. But in the time that these girls and boy protest again something, they torch them, beat them, take them in the jail and raped them and perform homosexual and sexual actions with them. They tide their hands and after that they bit them and raped them, from back and front. Is that not a huge paradox what they are preaching? Do they have no children at all, if they were their own children; what would they act?

    Can they forgive somebody who take their boys and girls and tide their hand and take off their clothes and put their penis in their sexual and non sexual organ? Can they put themselves in the place of the mothers and fathers who are their children are destroyed by their agents? Is that the teaching of Islam? Even Shamer, Ibne Moljam, Moaviyeh and Yazid did not do these cruel activities. They called themselves also Moslems, if to call themselves Moslems is enough? They did not rape the rest of the family of Imam Hossein. If your children do a mistake, do you call your agent to reap her or if it is a boy make homosexual activity with him? What can you call the actions or your agents? Can they do the same to your children, if your children do not obey you and speak opposite your thinking and your philosophy? You call USA and Europe without perfect moral.

    Do you know that reap have a huge punishment here? It is a criminal action and the performers will be punished very hard, but how is about your agents? Do you punish them or reward them? The people who are sitting in the places as the fathers or mothers of the society, should they give permission to their agents to perform such cruel actions? They should be punishing according to the bad action they did and not be killed because they did a protest against something that they thought is wrong. Instead of speaking with them and solve the problems, they should be destroyed? Is that the law of Ali? The Just of Ali. If these people who perform such cruel actions, do they really believe in God and his prophets? We should be silent and do not do anything until we are in the same position and now we or our children should be the next victims. Nobody should think that he /she is safe. In the time that moral goes away from the society, nobody is safe, even the head of the government is not save.

    The people who take you out of prisons or exile and were behind you and give you power and money. You were in the jail, and they give you freedom, by going on the street and some of them are killed; now you should torch their children. The children of people who take you out of jail and torches. They gave you freedom and richness and you are destroying them? Is that a clear way? Is this the answer to their help and to their action which brought you to the power and money? You are making happy in the world system which are after killing and destroying. They like disunity hate and war, because they can sell their products easier and faster and may be even more expensive. Is this the place that 11 Imams had the place? Is your action fit their actions? The actions of your eleven Imams? The victims are respected and must be rewarded, but the cruel people should shy. The girls and boys who lost their virginities because of your cruel action should be taken the places of heroes and heroines. You should shy, not them. They stood against cruelties of your agents and you; they gave their precious diamonds to your agents and you. They gave even the precious robin of their blood and their spirits to your people. But they get a more precious diamonds which is the diamond of freedom for Iran. As the Babak Khoram din is standing for the freedom of Iranian for ever, they will be new heroes and will stay in our minds and in our history for ever as good people and you stay in the history as evil and demon for ever in the people’s minds. The crazy people and mad people who performed this cruelty should shy. And I hope the people in the world should not be indifferent any more and stand up for the Just. And these cruel people should send to the court, an international court system should take care of them. Because this is a negative point for the humanity in the whole world. And the people in the world should protect them and not be quite like dead people.

    They should not only observe the crazy mad people are destroying the youth of a country. The United Nations should not be indifferent to what happened in Iran. The Shamer and Yazid did not bother the fourth Imam Zein al bedin and they did not torch him. And they did not rape the Imam Hossein family after they have been surrounded. The Shah soldiers never bit the women and children who came to demonstrate against him. I am very sorry for what ever happened in Iran. I hope the people in the world consider this cruelty and do something. Never should you torch a person who is in the jail or prison. In the time that Ibne Moljam cut the head of Ali in the moment he was praying, and that gentlemen was in bed , he said to his followers, he hit me just one time, so you should do also one time hit. That is the just. Some people do not believe in this story. And they say that all people in the past were mad and unjust.

    The Moslems killed all their Imams and the family of Mohammed, or give them poison food and killed them in their own houses. How can we expect a better attitude from the Moslems who killed their own Imams? So for this reason a poem said, I am tired of the people who are cruel and wish to see the real pure human being. I wish one time we can spread the Love and Unity in the whole world and make the life beautiful and nice for every body. Love and Peace will govern in the whole world and there is not cruelty and selfishness and greed any more. It does not exist any more in the whole world. Just and Unity is every where in the whole world.
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