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    Posted May 10, 2012 by

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    Bollywood's Rape Rap!

    'Balaatkaar' as it's called in Hindi, has often been the reason for lovers uniting, villains being bashed up, police being maligned, and innocent men being framed. Here's going through some of the scripts that used, abused and confused the bloodied 'Indian Movie Rape Scene'!
    In the 1993 hit 'Damini', a woman witnesses her brother-in-law and his friends rape a young maid in the house, during Holi revelries. The music, the chaos, the crowd, Meenakshi Sheshadri's attempts to stop the crime from taking place- all amount to one of the most talked-about scenes in Bollywood.
    Then of course, there are gruesome depictions like that of Tabu being raped in full view of her young children, in the movie Hawaa- and that, by an invisible spirit. It takes imagination to script scenes like this.
    What takes even more imagination is the build-up to most of Bollywood's rape scenes.
    The Kajol-starrer- Dushman has the rape scene of Sonia, played by Kajol. Though the rape wasn't shown happening, the build-up to it was terrifying enough. Kudos to Ashutosh Rana for some really intense and highly disgusting depiction of the more-than-normal lust-ridden driver.
    The multi-starrer Jaani Dushman- Ek Anokhi Kahaani revolves around Manisha Koirala's planned rape, that culminates with her committing suicide. She comes back in the form of a..err...holograph, to haunt who she thinks are the culprits. Watch the movie, not only for the rape-scene, which, thankfully isn't shown or stretched out, but to wonder at the dialogues before, after, and even during the rape scene!
    A few more examples of epic rape scenes can be found in Gunda (oh yes, multiple scenes!), Insaaf ka taraazu, Clerk, Murder 2- highly violent, watch out, and of course, Raavan.
    Bollywood also has a list of typical rapists- faces over time that have defined the 'Havaskhor' every girl is warned against.
    Bollywood uses the tension, the horror and the stigma that follows a victim and turns out scenes that make movies and the motives in them memorable. Nothing binds drama in Bollywood like tragedy, right?
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