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    Same-sex marriage: Civil right vs. states' rights

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    Gay Marriage: Just another issue used for political gain

    First of all, I'm not against gay marriage at all. I'm heterosexual; however, some people aren't and that's fine with me. I believe it to be another issue that is generational. As time goes on, people are more and more accepting of things that society didn't used to accept.

    People often use the religious argument in the gay marriage debate. I say leave religion out of it. No one said these couples were going to get married in a respective church.

    What this has become, though, is another card to use in the game of politics. The people - PEOPLE - of North Carolina voted against gay marriage for their state. Some republican representatives have given their opinion - which they are entitled to like anyone else - about being against gay marriage and/or believing marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman. That's their opinion and they are entitled to it. It's ok for people to be "for" same-sex marriages, just as well as it's ok for people to be against it.

    What President Obama did, though, was nothing more than play a card for his campaign. He probably met with a strategist (after other members of his party gave opinions on the subject), talked about what he should say that will gain him the most "like", then came out, when he did, about supporting same-sex marriages. If he truly felt that way, why did it come out now and not before? Was it best now, since he's already upset the catholic church with his stance on abortion; and he doesn't require their vote, so is trying to win the homosexual vote? Who knows? Is he coming out with this opinion, now, because a red state voted against same-sex marriage, and this is a way to play politics and highlight the difference between him and his opposition? Who knows?

    Whether he is truly for or against same-sex marriage doesn't matter. He has the right to his opinion and he shouldn't be voted for or against, due to his opinion. The states vote on their own laws in that matter. I respect him whether or not he truly believes in same-sex marriage; but this was purely a campaign move. We'd have known his stance on this a long time ago - before the end of his first term and seeking reelection - if that's how he truly felt and didn't care who knew it.

    He shouldn't be praised or hated because of his view on homosexuality; however, he knows that now was the right time to come out with it so he COULD BE praised for it.
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