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    Posted May 10, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Where's the Beef????


    To quote Clara Peller from the famous Wendy's commercial from a few decades ago, where's the beef?

    For  almost a week now almost every news organization, social media and web  communities such as CNN's iReport have been awash with only one subject -  same-gender marriage. This was made even more of a talker and reason to  stay on the subject after yesterday's announcement by President Barack  Obama that he was in favor of "gay marriages", but that he also believed  it a states right issue.

    Enough alreay!

    All  this hubbub over the last week is nothing more than a shiny object  taking people's eyes off of what really matters and what are the more  pressing issues: the economy, jobs and the unsustainable national debt.

    Yeah, it's great that Obama is the first president to come out for equality for the GLBT community.

    But does that get the sluggishness out of the economy?

    Does his announcement spur creation of jobs?

    Does  the fact that he's for the GLBT's rights to be more than 2nd class  citizens going to cut one red cent from the national debt?

    Mr. President, where' s the beef?

    News  channels, magazines, radio talk show hosts, newsapapers stop following  what is, though an important issue, just political fodder that will not  advance anything.

    Start asking the hard questions.

    Where's  a plan to fuel the US economy and safeguards to protect that economy  from the coming storms from Europe, Asia and the Middle East?

    Where's the creation of an atmosphere that will inspire business to expand, invest and start hiring again?

    Where  is the acute strategy to cut spending where necessary, enhance revenues  were needed, to overhaul the tax code which will lead to putting a dent  in the ever expanding debt?

    It is time to focus, folks.

    Republicans  start hitting hard on the economy, jobs, the national debt. Don't be  allowed to go down a bridge to nowhere. Put social conservatives on the  backburner and focus. Prove why you should control Congress and put Mitt  Romney in the White House.

    Democrats  bang some heads together and press for a comprehensive solution to put  America's financial house in order. Prove to the American people why  your party should retain the Senate and the White House by making the  difficult decisions.

    Again I ask, Mr. President, where's the beef?

    I'm  tired of the fluff. I'm tired of fast food and snacks. I want a full  course meal that leads to less uncertainty, less division, more unity  and more pride to say I am an American along with a healthier US  economy.

    It's  time to lead not on the less pressing issues, but on the issues that  mean economic survival not just for today, but for tomorrow.

    From the Cornfield, I am tired of the pandering.

    I am tired of the shiny objects.

    I am tired of attacks and counter-attacks on non-emergency issues.

    You want my vote?

    Then earn it!

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