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    The unjust which govern the whole world and how can we remove it. My mother religion

    The unjust which govern the whole world and how can we remove it.

    I do not want to speak about the problems only, but I will try to share with you my experiences. Our life is too short and we should not waste our time. We can solve the problems in the world if we cooperate with each other. They are in reality not too big and they are also not without solution. As a college or university teacher I have to say it is very hard for me to see many good students of mine have killed themselves or they suicide. Most of them were nice and very good and intelligent students and had PhD from best universities in Europe or USA. But why they killed themselves?

    I was teacher in four different continent, including USA. In Africa the students are happy if they can have books and note books. They are willing to learn, but they do not have materials the students have here. It is a dream for them to have a book like the books which is provided here in the schools. Nice book with colorful pictures, good papers and nice cover. It cost may be 100 dollars some of them. But the students here do not appreciate those materials and damage them seriously. Or the food, I saw many times a girl or a boy they took the food and without touching it through them away in the garbage. I asked why you do it; she said “I did not pay for it” this food is may be a dream food for some African students. Or in the Middle Eastern countries, the students are so willing to learn, but the system does not let them study. Because of this fact; that their parent were not loyal to the government? Or the entry exams are so difficult, that the even very good students cannot pass it.
    I think the American students or European have a lot of chance to have good life and good study, but some of them do not use these privileges, why?

    With the name of religions, nationalities and or races some people have a lot of troubles and even their children will have the same problem. It is true if you compare the unlucky; it is always somebody who has more unlucky than you do. Even it is relative to be poor or rich, but there is a minimum that everybody should have. Sorrowfully the human being is very greedy and he/she will not be happy with what ever she/he has. That is one of the biggest problems we have now in the world. The 99 % movement in the USA and the Arabian spring is some movement blind or not. But it is difficult to solve these problems if the people do not cooperate.

    For example the super rich people can hire other people to defend even their cheating activities. Some people gathered billions of dollars form the illegal way. So they can spend some money to be protected and just will not bother them. Do you think the different between poor and rich should be billions of dollar gaps? Some times two men or women with the same qualifications, one of them has millions or even billions of dollars and the other one live from pay check to pay check and has not even 1000 dollars saving? Why?

    The system of the world is trying to make the people as far as possible indifferent or cruel. The people see the unjust, but they do not care, because it does not refer to them directly or it does not bother them now. It is not easy to understand why the young boy with good education, with PhD suicide? At least for me is a problem. In the past love was a motivation that young people did kill themselves when they could not reach each other. I know that the religious people specially the Christian refer the unlucky people to the story of Job and say, it is fine? The God will help you at the end like as He did with Job. To make my point clearer, I have to bring some example. As the people here, maybe do not understand the persecution of religions, nationalities or races, which is a problem in many countries.

    Suicide , jealousy , greed , and terrorist are may be a reaction against the unjust in the world or the false training and brain washing or political way or even a business way.
    Sasan was born in a family of two religions, his father was a strict Moslem and his mother was a motivated Bahai. Both of them thought what they believe are right and just. They fight with each other like may be other couple. But generally their main problem which guides them to the fighting was different religion. His father was an officer and his mother was a teacher. They could have a nice life, but because of religion their life was like hell. The different between Bahai and Moslem is that they believe a new manifestation of God. They believe Islam totally and in addition they believe that Bab was the twelve Imams which the Moslems are waiting for him. So the father said, he is not there and he will come later and the mother said he had already come. The Bahai greetings is Alah Abha and the Moslem say also Alah Akbar or Salaam. Salaam is the Jewish Shalom, which change a little bit. Alah Akbar means God is great and Alah Abha means Glory of God.

    Sasan the four years old boy told me as he was four years old, he heard that the Bahai people the relatives of his mother say to each other Alah Abha and he though that will be a good and nice greeting, so in the time he saw his father, he run to him and said Alah Abha with full of love and respect. But his father slept his face, because it was a Bahai greeting. The meaning is almost the same, but the prejudice about different religion guided his father to bit him. In the same years, the father and mother fighting about the Bab, the father said he has not come. And the mother insists that he had come. Sasan sees that his mother is crying and the father was also upset and run out of the house. He told his mother why you say he had come. Say he had not come and everything will be fine. His mother said that she cannot lie. He had come and had been also killed.

    Later as Sasan went to the elementary school, the Moslem boys in the school teased him and fight with him, because he was known as Bahai child. He said, he came home covered with blood and dirt, his father told him. Go clean yourself and pray, so you will not be late for the prayer. In the school the children said bad words to him and fight with him. Four or five boys together attacked him. And they also told him bad sexual words about the prophet and the leaders of Bahais. Something like I put tomato in the … back of… or you are dog Bahai. Or I pissed to the glass box of the Bahai … or a lot of very bad words. May be the children that told these could not even understand the heavy bad meanings. So Sasan should now pray Moslem prayers. Now the Bahai children made fun of him. You are Moslem child, Akhund Child, clergy child. You are the flower of Mohammad a Seyed child. These words were not as heavy as what the Moslem children told him, but for a 9 years old child it is unpleasant. They played and he should pray in Arabic and he did not understand the meaning of what he was praying. He read them by heart. So the Moslem children and Bahai children made a terrible life for the little Sasan and as a child, he had so many religion problems. He did not even understand the meaning of religions. Why a Moslem man married a Bahai girl. May be he wanted to change her to Islam and may be the mother had the same idea. Now the first victims were the child. I will continue this story, in the hope that it will help the people to be nice to children and do not bother them for religions. And my loving mother had also a lot of problem for being Bahai. Now for the day of mother, I also hope that the husbands will respect the believes of their wives, and or the different thinking of them. As a mother they should be respected totally regardless to what religion they believe.
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