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    Lexington, Kentucky
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    Ron Paul and Supporters Brake for no one!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     TeaParty432 shared his thoughts on the campaign of GOP presidential contender Ron Paul, and what Paul's successes portend for the future of the Republican Party. 'The question isn't if Ron Paul will have enough delegates, but if the RNC will follow its own rules by allowing delegates to forego the binds of the state that sent them and allow them to vote their conscience, instead of being bound by what is likely to be a fraud popular votem' he said. 'If the RNC doesn't honor its own rules at the convention, the Republican Party will be finished as a political powerhouse.'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment have since the dawn of this primary season have worked with the media to minimalize and marginalize Ron Paul even to the point of demonizing Paul supporters.. The pleas for the "infighting" to stop have increased from the establishment basically demanding that people just give up on the primary vetting process and make peace with Romney as the nominee..
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