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    Posted May 14, 2012 by
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    Living without Facebook?

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     azchila says her move towards deactivating from Facebook came gradually. She says often times it seems like the activity on the site became overwhelming and after she deactivated more than a month ago things seem a lot simpler. 'It became so habitual to get onto Facebook. When I first logged off for good I would think about getting back on. But the more I stayed away from it the more I realized I didn't need it.' She says after de-teching from the social networking site, she is taking extra steps to call people and engage socially. 'It's funny, it's called a social networking site, but we are sort of disconnecting,' she says. 'It is mass communicating, but we are losing something - we are losing our interpersonal skills.'
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    So glad you asked...


    I was once a friend of Facebook, you know the typical user logging a couple times a day, updating my status, taking a peek at what friends and family were up to and occasionally uploading a photo or video. I enjoyed connecting with friends I had not seen in years as well as looking at the "now and then" photos they posted.


    I also enjoyed chatting with a friend once in a while or posting a birthday wish on a friends wall, just your average Facebook stuff. I created my account in 2008 and watched Facebook evolve over the next few years.
    Before I knew it I had Facebook not only my desktop but on my iPad and cell phone, it was everywhere and everyone was on it!


    I went from logging on a couple of times after work to more times than I could keep up with and in turn I started to see a lot more of what people were doing, the attitudes and sometimes tension amongst friends and family.


    I've blocked, deleted people, apps and games more than once, yet I still managed to keep my FB up and running on a regular basis, why not? Everyone had caught on this great form of social connection, Wrong! or at least for me it was. The fun of Facebook had been turned into a venting medium for family bickering and face offs between friends. I was done, no more deleting and blocking (because people can still sometimes see your wall or reach you through another friend) my only alternative was to DEACTIVATE! And after going through Facebook's process of closing an account I hit the final "Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?" I hit yes and it was over. I can now say I have been deactivated for a month and it feels great! Although it was not easy at first but hey aren't all habits hard to break? Facebook can be great for some but a nightmare for others.


    I now have to actually take the time to call my friends or email them which is not as convenient just clicking on Facebook but I'll get used to it and as for the scrutiny I now get from friends for not being on FB well I'm sure that will go away in time but for now I refuse to reactivate my Facebook, guess I just have to find better to do with my time.

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