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    Same-sex marriage: Civil right vs. states' rights

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    Same-Sex Marriage: Resolve to Evolve

    With the debates between the left and right, and those unfortunate to be caught in the middle, about same-sex marriage we hear a lot about how allowing gays to marry would cause a direct conflict with god, that it would ruin society. We also hear that even passing legislation to ensure same-sex couples could marry wouldn't be effective because they don't want to anyways and already have civil unions.Either way the point is there is a lot of debate and the validity of each point that is made could be challenged and debated from now until the cows come home. However people aren't looking at this in the big picture.

    Fifty years ago the issue of our time was whether to allow interracial marriages. One-hundred years ago the issue of our time was what place in society slaves held. Fifty years from now we won't be debating about if same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. I'm not sure what it will be about, but I can guarantee you that we won't give a damn about these issue and we will look back on it just like we look back now at interracial marriages. There is a simple fact to people, we were made to evolve.......to get better.

    In the early 1700s we evolved from a rule by an oligarchy to a select group of people that challenged its rule. By the late 1700s the world's greatest superpower was being overthrown in the New World by a people who's thoughts had evolved off of others. By the 1800s Americans again evolved and became a people so concerned about privilege we fought among ourselves. In the mid 1900s we continued to evolve and found ourselves fighting about if those of colored skin should be allowed to marry. Do you get my point? We all evolve, as a people. We still fight, but we fight about different issues. With each new fight we look back on the old fights and wonder what in god's name allowed us to think that way. There's evidence in this by looking back just five years ago. We weren't sure if the country could elect a African American man as president, or a Mormon for that matter. Now we are seriously going to have to decide between just the two. The country evolved.

    The President has taken flak for "evolving" on the issue of Gay Marriage and he's been throned the title of "Flip-Flopper", a title typically afforded to his challenger Mitt Romney. Yes, he is a flip flopper on the issue but he's also evolved on the issue. It's taken him time and time more than most of his supporters would have liked but he ultimately arrived at the right spot. And that's the point of where our nation needs to go. We need to evolve towards the right point which is to support the end of discrimination against all people of all nations. We can't stand idly by as innocent men and women are being treated unfairly. Equate it back to the old poem Invictus: I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. We cannot sit back and allow forces to shape our nation for the worse. We must rise up and stand against discrimination. Remember, when good people do nothing evil is allowed to flourish.
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