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    Snakes In A Wal-Mart Go To Pot


    In a story that is sure to go viral, a Wal-Mart shopper in the state of Washington, Mica Craig, claimed he was bitten by a rattler in the Garden Shop of his local store near Salmon, Idaho on Friday.


    The late night comedians and most of the national press have already 'jumped' on this story, because not only is Wal-Mart the nation's largest retailer - but the victim told Reuters that the mulch he was trying to buy was for his 'Legal, Medical Pot Garden'.


    You have to admit, this is funny!


    "I reached down to grab the stick to move it out of the way, and the snake stretched out, turned around and got its fangs in my right hand," Mica said. "I slung it off and I did a tap dance on it until it was dead."


    OMG - He danced it to death? The guys on the late news tonight could not stop laughing...from the anchors to the cameramen!


    "At this point, it appears to be an isolated incident. We are working with a pest management team, which is conducting a sweep of the property to ensure there is no additional rattlesnake activity," Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling said.


    So what should you do if YOU encounter a snake at Wal-Mart - or in your Local Mall? EMS first responders reccomend:


    1) Be ready to describe the snake to emergency personell.


    2) Call 911 and lay the person on the ground.


    >Move the victim away from the threat.
    >Keep the wound below the heart.
    >Keep the patient still to keep venom from spreading.
    >Cover the wound with bandages or clean sterile cloth.


    DO NOT do what you have seen in Movies or TV shows LOL:


    Don't suck the venom. Don't cut the wound or make an X. Do not apply a tourniquet, ice, or water. No - Do not give the person Alcohol or Drugs! (LOL).


    Pics from the Lewiston Tribune and other web sources. Story details from the Lewiston Tribune and Reuters.


    Now...If we can keep the Snakes Off The Planes...

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