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    Posted May 16, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    The Cornfield View: Nebraska-Oregon Results


    As  expected, former Massachusetts Governor and presumptive nominee Mitt  Romney sailed to victories in the Repubulican primary contests in both  Nebraska and Oregon Tuesday. There was minimal protest votes as the  rally around Romney continues.

    As  to whether there might be a protest vote to President Barack Obama in  the two states voting, he was unopposed. So much for the 42% protest  vote in West Virginia last week. But there are still more contests to  come.

    The  only other GOP candidate still in the race is Texas Congressman Ron  Paul. Paul continued to achieve his normal percentage of the vote  garnering 10% in Nebraska and 12% in Oregon. Paul has consistently  stayed in the 10-15% range in all contests and has won no state during  the primary/caucus votes.

    What  will be interesting to wait and see is how Paul and his supporters in  the Liberty Movement do in at the Nebraska state convention in July.  The primary was non-binding and no delegates were awarded of the 35 up  for grabs. Paul and his supporters, however, have been racking up  delegates and winning seats or taking over state committees across the  country.

    Will Nebraska be the next to fall under Paul's influence and control?

    With  hefty 71% and 73% wins in Nebraska and Oregon respectively, Romney  proved that the party faithful  including conservatives and Evangelicals  are starting to gel around him. Romney is projected to have won 16  delegates while Paul picked up 2 and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick  Santorum got 1 delegate, although he's out of the race, from Oregon.

    Romney  is still short of the 1,144 delegates needed for the nomination  outright. He is expected to hit the magic number by the end of the  month.

    Next  up are the states of Arkansas and Kentucky Tuesday. Both states are  proportional primaries. Arkansas has 36 delegates and Kentucky has 45 to  be split by the candidates. Kentucky is the home of Paul's son, Senator  Rand Paul.

    Will Senator Paul hand his father his first state win when Kentuckians take to the polls?

    If  the Senator does give a present to his father of the Bluegrass State,  what will this say or mean for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell,  the senior Senator from the home of the Derby?

    From  the Cornfield, while Romney continues to stack his wins and delegates,  Paul and what he may do at the national convention in Tampa, Florida the  last week of August can not be relegated to a footnote.

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