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    Posted May 16, 2012 by
    St George, Utah
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    Living without Facebook?

    Connected Sans Facebook


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     'We just didn't see much point in it anymore,' said techteach30. 'Too much wasted time attached to the computer.'
    - rachel8, CNN iReport producer

    1) Why aren't you on Facebook?
    > My wife and I no longer felt the need for it. It seemed to cause too many problems playing games, reading impersonal or truly irrelevant content, and just feeling like we really didn't need to participate in all that anymore. Human Disconnect.

    2) How do people react when they find out you are not on Facebook?
    > We have been off of Facebook for nearly a year now, and have never looked back. People seem to understand when we say we are not on anymore, and I am a tech crazy guy. Many of them are nearing the same things as us, or just not logging on very often anymore.

    3) For better or worse, how has not being on Facebook impacted your relationships and social life with friends and family?
    > BETTER. We just focus on connecting more with people face to face. We are not trying to keep up with hundreds of people who aren't really all close friends, some barely acquaintances, and we really don't feel a loss from not reading their countless new status updates every day. Freedom is the feeling, you become addicted to having to update your status, plant your crops, etc, and not having that has been so great.

    Is it harder to keep in touch with people, or are your real-life relationships stronger for it?
    > We feel like we have strengthened relationships with close friends and family that are truly important to us, and not concerned ourselves with the other hundreds of 'friends' that really aren't important.
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