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    Posted May 16, 2012 by
    Newark, New Jersey
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    Living without Facebook?

    Perfectly fine without Facebook


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     'I don't have a problem with other people using Facebook,' explains Chrisr67. 'I just think people should educate themselves a little more and not blindly post every aspect about their lives online.'
    - rachel8, CNN iReport producer

    I am perfectly fine without Facebook! For years I had friends ask, "why the heck don't you have a FB acct"? I'm a member of classmates.com and was able to get in touch with old friends (REAL friends). A couple of them would constantly ask, "why" and so I finally gave in and opened an account. Within two weeks I realized why I hadn't bothered to do it sooner. People I only knew by name and were by no means "friends", suddenly came out of the woodwork wanting to be my "friend" on FB. If I wasn't friends with them before, why after 20+ years would I suddenly want to be their friend online? I'm a very private person and FB takes what little privacy you have left in the world, and sells your information, tracks what you do and where you go and overall makes having a private life impossible.

    Then you have people who make having "friends" a competition. NOBODY (I don't care who you are) has a thousand + friends.....let alone a hundred. A friend is someone you can count on, someone who is there for you through thick and thin, and someone you can share you life with. Most of the "friends" on peoples FB pages are not "TRUE" friends, but merely acquaintances IF THAT.
    I also don't need to know what your child eats for breakfast each morning, see a new picture of them everyday, or know whether or not the new shoes you bought 10 minutes ago are comfortable.

    I think far too many people blindly post everything about their lives online, without understanding the true consequences. Too many people have sold their souls (and their privacy) to Facebook and social media in general, and in the process have made some college dropout a billionare, and that's just wrong. I'm fine with technology and making life easier to stay in touch with family and friends, that's not the issue here. The issue is the complete and utter lack of privacy on FB and the way FB uses the information you provide them. And yes, I know their not the only ones who do this. But they ARE one of the biggest violators.
    After two weeks of realizing my mistake, I attempted to delete my Facebook account. To my surprise and utter shock, Facebook doesn't allow you to totally delete your account, but will only "deactivate" it. I've written FB numerous times in the attempt to remove myself completely from this site, but all of my emails have gone unanswered.

    As I mentioned, I'm doing just fine without FB and will continue to "survive" in a world of social media overload. I have contact with my "true" friends and if and when I want to talk to them and see how they're doing, I send an email, give them a call, or *gasp*....go visit them in person! (what a concept huh?)
    I suggest more people do the same and stop posting so much of their lives online. We have so little real privacy left in our lives, why voluntarilly give up more?
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