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    Posted May 17, 2012 by

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    Teacher of Punjab, pakistan are being threaten to perform other duties rather than teaching

    The CM Punjab, Pakistan.

    Subjects: Teachers/ IT teachers are being threaten to perform other duties rather than teaching

    I want to draw your attention to the great issue that is destroying our whole education system. Your Government (Punjab Government) is doing many things for the education and taking revolutionary steps in the field of education. But in this all Government is ignoring the big issue. The all the people admit that the main responsibility of teachers should be teaching the students. But what is happening in our system. We the teachers are always forced to perform other duties rather than teaching like surveys for UPE, data collection for Census, polio surveys, dengue surveys and many other surveys are conducted through teachers and teacher have to go door by door to collect the data and beside this the if the different offices like DCO office, Commissioner office, EDO and DO (Education) offices and DMO offices have work load or for data entry they issued the orders and bound teachers to work for their offices and the teacher have to perform the duties in those offices for 2 or 3 month or even more rather than teaching in schools and if anyone raise the voice for it then the authorities threaten teachers that they will have to face inquiry accordingly PEEDA act. The thing is not over here, even The office of Secretary Education, which have to take steps for the welfare of Education but the Secretary Education himself issued such type of order and threaten teacher and heads of Institute to perform different surveys like UPE and others. In which teachers have to go door by door and have to face abusive language of people. Even now a days that are peak day for education (as after this month summer vacations arrive) when teachers have to be in the schools and classes, they are doing field duties and going door by door which is affecting study of students, no one understand this. Government is making policies to make education sector powerful but is ignoring the main thing that teacher have to do field duties and in this regard teacher are unable to cover the syllabus.
    Sir just analyze the educational session starts from April and end at march. In these 12 months there are three months summer vacation June to august, and the teacher have the remaining 9 months in which they have to teach the students and in these 9 months teachers have to spend 2 or 3 month out of schools for general duties, and there are left 6 months. Now sir tells us how a teacher can cover the syllabus in these 6 months and if any of the teacher’s result is poor then authorities asked the reasons and teachers have to face the inquiry.
    Sir your all policies are of no use if you will not focus on this thing. Even when we teachers try to teach the students the government and different government departments like DCO, DMO and EDO, DO offices not let the teachers do their work.
    Even not only this you yourself issued some orders in which teachers have to perform other duties other than teacher. Sir where we go, where we teacher complaint for all this as you yourself issued same type of orders.
    Sir please do mercy with teacher, do mercy with our education system and do mercy with our children and let the teachers do their job which is teaching.
    If you are really sincere with education system then take step in this regard.
    It is my humble request to all of the authorities to do some thing for the teachers and for the education system.
    I also request to the Governor of Punjab, The Prime Minister of Pakistan, The President of Pakistan and the honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan that please perform your role in this regard and make the teacher strengthen so that the teacher could do something for nation something for Pakistan. Whenever we teachers want to do something we have to face hurdles in the form of general duties. Please you people do something for our education system.


    1. Governor of Punjab.
    2. PM Pakistan
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