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    Prejudice, hate and disunity will kill the humanity. Part I

    Prejudice, hate and disunity will kill the humanity. Part I

    Many years ago, I wrote the story of Jalal. It was a sample of unjust and disunity in that story. A little boy is the victim of religion, later nationality and class. Why we have so many problems in the world. Why so many students of mine even with PhD degree have killed themselves or suicide? Why the children of the king of Iran suicides? They were nice, handsome or beautiful, very well educated, they had enough money, and many people, may be millions loved them dearly. But why they killed themselves. A young girl about thirty years old and a young man about 40. Their fater was a king of Iran and their mother was a young queen with good education. Why we have so many terrorists in the world, even with university degrees? Why some people are so rich and have billions of dollars and the other people cannot even buy food? Why we cannot live in peace and harmony with love and respect, but with hate and disunity. War and killing. Now everybody knows that in Arab country, there is a spring of Arabian and many people are killed on the streets, why? Even in the USA the people who call themselves, that they are 90% will have their right? But the greed and hate still govern the world or? We spend trillions dollars for war and hate, and not half of it for education and love, why?

    Is the system of the world training the people to be indifferent or cruel? Why? Some Sunnis hate the Shia; Some Muscleman’s hate the Christians. Some Christians hate the Moslems. Some Bahais hate Moslems, and some Moslems hate Bahais? But why? Is that ignorance, lack of education, advertisements, business or greed are the route of all these hates and disunity? You trust your best friend, he/she sell you and beret you. Why? Because she/he wants a better life and more money to pay for what ever she/he likes? Or. Jesus told his flowers love each other and even your enemies as I loved you. But all His flowers do this? He said if somebody asked you your shirt give your coat to him/her as well. If somebody asked you to go with him/her one kilometer, go two kilometers with him/her. Do all His followers do this? Bahaullah, the founder of Bahai Faith and a very modern religion of today told also, if the religion brings disunity, hate between you, to have no religions is much better. That means the humanity and love is much more important than a name of a religions. Are all the followers of Bahaullah doing this? No some of them are full prejudice and proud and they think, because they are Bahai, they are better than the others.

    Even in this time that they have so many problems in Iran and many of them have been killed without any fault. The others who are alive are cruel as their Moslems counter part. They do exactly the same as their Moslems friends do?

    Jalal was born in a family of two religions, Bahai and Moslem. You know the Moslem religion, but may be you do not know the Bahai religion. It is a world religion that is against the prejudice, hate between races, nationalities and religions. And guide the followers to be nice to the human being and serve them regardless to their religions, races and nationalities. They guide their people to the unity of mankind and the unity of religions. As this religion has no clergies, the Islamic clergies are against it.

    In the past the Bahais wrote in the paperwork that they are Moslems and they were hired even in the high position in the governmental jobs. Some of them were generals with three stars, deputy to the ministry and managing directors. The rich Bahais had factory and big good name and huge companies. But even in that time that rich Bahais had no problems in Iran, the middle class faced a lot of problems with the Moslems. The Moslems with the guidance of their Molla, the clergies, burn the Bahais’ houses in the poor and middle class area. And, they killed them also in some villages. The government was helping the Bahais or at least they were neutral and they were not against the Bahais.

    The father of Jalal was very restricted Moslem and very deep believer. Many Moslems do not read even Quran, their holly book in their mother languages. They read Quran without understanding it and they say wow that is very good book. I remembered one of my student who was an engineer told me one day, that Quran is very scientism book, it speak about science, physic, biology and math? I asked him, did you find these and read them in Quran. He said, no. I told him, how you know it. He said the other people told me that. So many Moslem people say they are Moslem, may be they know about Islam as much as you as Christian know or may be even less. They have just the name of Moslem with themselves. Many of them, in discussion in the time that they cannot give answer, get angry and try to fight.

    Jalal had the same problem. His father does not allow him to have contact with Bahai children and go to the Bahai School on Fridays. He wanted so badly to go to that school with his cousins and other Bahais children who live in that house. But the father does not allow that. His family house was a big round house. Around the garden of the house, they were a lot of buildings and each building live one of Jalal aunts or uncles with their family. The Bahais Friday classes were mixed classes with boys and girls together. Their teachers were young people who were very nice and friendly to the kids. And they gave always some gift to the kids. They also offer those kids candies and colored papers. But Jalal was not allowed to go there.

    Jalal was the only child of his mother. As she worked as a full time teacher, her babies were always with maids. Four brothers of Jalal and one sister of him were died, because they cached cold and the maids did not care. The child was the whole day sick and cried, in the night the mother came home tried and exhausted. At that time, there was not electric everywhere, especially in the poor or middle class area. There were not also emergency doctors. The father of Jalal had two wives and he was not always with Jalal mother. So the mother was not able to do anything and in the hope that the child will be better next day. So; all her children before Jalal were died. She was afraid to let Jalal be even one hour alone. She took him with herself to the school in which she was teaching.

    I will write the second of this story later.
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