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    Prejudice, and hate between some followers of different religions, nationalities and races brings the humanity very low. Part II

    Prejudice, and hate between some followers of different religions, nationalities and races brings the humanity very low. Part II

    I explained before that Jalal was born in a family of two religions, Mosalman Shia and Bahai. Many Bahai say the real Bahai do not hate other people and other religion. It is true, it is written in their holly books that they should not hate other people or the people who are different from them and or think differently. But not all of them listen to this guidance. Like the Christians, Jesus told them that they should love each other as He loved them, or they should help and give the people what they ask for. But who does this, may be very little present of Christians. So the same is as in the Bahais.

    A religion is come to bring unity of mankind and love between people regardless to their religions, nationalities and or races. Some of them act just like other people. Just like the law in the USA. It is law and is also written that nobody should have disadvantages of being different than the majority, but in reality the people of minority are ignored and have problems. In the dictatorship countries, they are maybe killed and or put in prison, but here, they are just ignored. Even the Bahai says that they are not prejudice and they do not hate; I know a lot of example that they hate them, but in a respectful manner. Jalal was persecuted in Iran, because of having Bahai mother and he lost all his wealth, jobs, friend, country and family. But for a restricted Bahai all of them are not important, he should be killed for the Bahai religion to make the restricted Bahai happy? All what he suffered is not important as many other Bahai are killed for the faith and he is not?

    So he was persecuted here, too. They have ignored him and just forget about him and or said to him cold word and with and unfriendly manner. With other words, one time he had been persecuted in Iran, because of Bahai religion and sent out of work. And here he is ignored and misused also by his Bahai family. (In Iran they do not accept you as a Moslem as long as you are know as Bahai and you have to write articles in the newspapers against Bahai Faith and say bad words to them. They dictate something bad about Bahai and you should write.) Jalal did not know anything about Bahai as his father verboten him to have contact with them. And now the Bahai expected why he has not been killed? So the family could take his money easily, what he trusted them and send to them. With other words the Bahai family of him wanted that he should be killed in Iran, so they could have his money and also the proud of him being killed as a Bahai? So he was not killed, he was not well come.

    Also as the system in Iran is different than here, to adjust was very hard for him. And some Americans do not like the people from Middle East especially after the September 11. But he managed to get a good job. After a while the people cheated him and guided him to open a business, mostly for their benefit. The attorneys and insurance companies, taxes and repair have taken all his money. And the people did not pay him, what they should pay. So he lost all his money and he thought, he can go back to Iran and can sell his properties and bring some money to pay the bills. His wife field divorce and left him as he did not make good money any more. His son also bleam everything him as his Bahai family robbed him. He went back to Iran, this time his father in law was very unfriendly with him and forced him to take his furniture out of the house so he can give the paper work and documents of his house back to him.

    He had to take all his books of his library and other furniture to his Moslem brother in other city to get his house key from him. He gave everything he had to his wife and as his wife and children came to the USA, they gave all to the father and the father took what ever was good and he could sell easy and the rest, he should take out of the house. The house belongs to the wife. All his expensive furniture has been damaged. And what ever was good he put in one room of his house. His cousin and his wife were very nice to him. They were very nice as Jalal thought they are the best people in the world. But all of this niceness was just a plan to get his confident and trust. So they got all his documents and he appointed his cousin as a trusty for his belonging and get back to the USA.
    Next time he came back, his cousin and his wife have ignored him and they destroyed all his furniture and did not pay him the total rent of his house. They put his car on the street. Jalal had a house with garden, but they put the car on the street, so the children damaged it and the municipality took it. Jalal had to pay a lot of money to get the damage car back, but the car was so damaged that it cannot be repaired. The cousin saved for him the jack and the spare part. I do not know how can you use spare parts of a car, as the car is gone? He was stupid or very joules. He said to Jalal you can get attorney and get your money back.

    In the time the Bahais are so in a dangerous situation in Iran and they have so many problems. How can a Bahai be so cruel to his own half Bahai or half Moslem cousin?

    The system of the world made the life difficult for the people, so the people have may be no other choice to destroy each other. Now the wife of the cousin tries also to destroy the face of Jalal as they robbed him.

    I wish instead so many different believe and religion, the people should learn to love and respect each other and they should not misuse the love and trust the people give to them. I told just today to my Moslem friend what is the use of praying hours and after that cheat the people and take their money? Or lie and cheat the people and or be dishonest and misuse the love and trust of others. If the religion cannot make good people, it fails. To say just good words without any action is very cheap. And the people who believe will be robbed and cheated. Jalal was persecuted in Iran, because of having Bahai mother by Moslems and the government and he is robbed. One time he trusted his Bahai family and they did the same to him. Whom should we trust and love? No one? Is that the system of the world want?

    What type of the life will be, if we do not love and trust no one? I wish the hate between religions, nationalities and races will have and end and we will live with each other as the Bahaullah said for the unity of mankind. And if the religion bring disunity having no religion at all is much better. Bahaullah. I wish at least all his followers would listen to His words. Is the system of the world wants the disunity and hate? The greedy people take all the money and the other people have nothing or? The Wall Street point? The middle class and poor are fighting with each other and robe each other and or even kill each other instead of being united and work for the unity of mankind.
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