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    Posted May 24, 2012 by
    Fullerton, California
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    REVENGE Season Finale

    Revenge wrapped up it's first season Wednesday night in a big way. This episode left me wide mouthed quite a few times.

    Emily (Amanda) went after the white haired assassin who actually murdered her father while he was in prison for terrorism. Emily's mission has always been to clear her father's (David Clark) name and to expose and destroy the Grayson family who framed him. But when it came down to it, Emily couldn't kill the white haired man although she did get the better of him. Victoria Grayson will pay for Emily's change of heart.

    Daniel confronts Emily after Ashley told him she saw Jack at Emily's the night before. Emily admits she kissed Jack then tells Daniel that he has changed into something he said he never would, a Grayson. They break off their engagement much to Victoria's delight.

    Conrad confronts Victoria as she is leaving for DC to testify in Federal court regarding all the lies and cover-ups regarding the terrorist act, she has handed over all the tapes to a Federal agent. Conrad tells her that if she boards the plane it will be the last thing she ever does. He wasn't kidding, the plane went down thanks to the white haired assassin, no survivors, yet.

    Charlotte finds out through the news that her mother is presumed dead. She calls her ex-boyfriend Declan but he ignores her call because she played a dirty trick at school that day, she leaves a desperate voicemail but he doesn't hear it, he calls her right back and tells her never to call him again, unaware of what had happened. Then she takes a bottle of pills and is found by her father Conrad. I'm not sure if she survives, I'm guessing she probably does.

    Emily has decided to tell Jack everything, including who she really is and that she loves him and always has. When she arrives at Jack's place, Amanda (Emily) is there, pregnant. Emily decides not to tell Jack, she is heartbroken.

    Emily finds out the plane crashed and thinks all her hard work is lost, the tapes and information about the terror attack was on the plane. Nolan soothes her worries by letting her know he had put everything on a hard drive. As they are looking at the footage, Nolan tells Emily her long dead murdered mother is alive.

    This show has really lived up to it's title. Revenge can be pretty entertaining!

    Revenge returns in September on ABC. Don't miss it....
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