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    The New Birth

    Your Brother And Apostle To The Nations: James Winfree Sr,
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    Water And Spirit Birth In Christ Jesus
    In the old set of relationships under the law, Jews were the children of God and Gentiles were sinners (see Acts 1:8 ). But now Gentile Believers are all sons and daughters of God through faith in Christ Jesus. This must have been a shocking declaration for a Jew to hear. In Jewish literature, sons of God was a title of highest honor, used only for "the members of righteous Israel, destined to inherit the eschatological blessings" (Acts 2:38 ).

    But now Gentiles--the rejected, the outsiders, the sinners, those who do not observe the law--are called sons of God. Indeed this is a "new creation" (Luke 24: 47). How could a Gentile ever be called a child of God? Paul's answer is clear--through faith in Christ Jesus (John 3:1-21 ). Since Christ Jesus is the "Son of God" (Rom 8:9,14,16 ), all who by faith are in Christ are also sons and daughters of God.

    The next verse points to the basis for the new Spiritual relationship depicted by this title, sons of God: they are children of God because they have been united with Christ in baptism and, as a result, clothed with Christ. In the light of his or her repeated emphasis on faith in this context, Paul cannot possibly mean that the ritual of baptism by itself, apart from faith, would accomplish union with Christ. Only when there is genuine faith in Christ is baptism a sign of union with Christ the water and the Spirit birth.

    Paul is reminding the Galatian Believers of their baptism in order to renew their sense of belonging to Christ. That ceremony of initiation into Christ and the Christ Jesus Believers community points to the solid foundation for their new relationship as children of God. Moreover, their baptism has led to being clothed . . . with Christ.

    This metaphor, probably drawn from the ceremony of redoing after baptism, pictures the reality of complete identification with Christ. In the Old Testament there are frequent references to being clothed with righteousness, Salvation, strength and glory (2 Chron 6:41; Job 29:14; Ps 132:9, 16, 18; Prov 31:25; Is 51:9; 52:1; 61:10; Zech 3:3-5). And in other letters Paul uses this metaphor of putting on clothing to mean taking on the virtues of Christ (Col 3:12; 1 Thess 5:8).

    As baptism pictures the initial union with Christ by faith, being clothed with Christ portrays our participation in the moral perfection of Christ by faith. As the hymn writer put it, Christ Jesus Believers are "dressed in his righteousness alone, faultless to stand before the throne." That is why Christ Jesus Believers can be called the children of God: in Christ they truly are the members of righteous in Christ Jesus.

    The title sons of God and the two ceremonies of baptism and being clothed with Christ point to the reality of our new relationship with God in Christ.New Spiritual Relationships in Christ We put on His Name( Acts 22:16 )

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