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    The End of Iranian Government's National Hero "Shahram Amiri"


    By:Amir Farshad Ebrahimi


    Do you remember `Shahram Amiri`or the man who was the hero of Islamic Republic of Iran?


    The man who claimed that: I am a nuclear scientist and I have a laptop, which included lots of important and valuable information.


    The man that published a video about living in a safe house, which belonged to CIA, and while he uploaded this video from bathroom , a guard was walking out side the door.


    The man that published another video, exactly one week after the first one, and he declared that he did not go to USA for education.


    So the result of publishing these chain videos, caused the reaction of Mrs. Clinton, and she announced: 'He was our guest‪, he came to USA‪ with his desire and without any force and threat, and he can leave the soil of this country whenever he wants. '‬‬


    Finally, in the 13th of July, the local FBI agents picked him up from his home and transferred him to Pakistan embassy, and after two days he came back to Iran.
    When he arrived in Tehran, he was welcomed by Iranian government, and they called him 'National Hero'.


    He was invited by different news agencies and advertising and described unbelievable stories about his escape from safe house and FBA agents in USA.
    Although most of the journalists, politicians even people in society did not believe his stories and look at him with doubt, but the prime minister of intelligence service of Iran "Heydar Moslehi "  announced 'This action shows our penetration to the heart of enemy and leaving the USA is the result of our National Heroes braveness.


    After that there was not any news from Shahram Amiri, suddenly in march 2010, the family of our National Hero announced that: 'Shahram was arrested from 2 months ago. '
    News was published and circulated everywhere very fast and the news was confirmed and also denied many times by officials in intelligence service and judicial department.
    Finally Saied Jalili told about shahram Amiri: ' He was kidnapped during an abroad journey and spent his life for one year out of Iran, then he came back to Iran and now we are trying to understand what happened for him during this year and it is our obvious right.


    Now this interrogation, based on Jalili’s speech is finished after 20 months torturing and keeping in prison. Finally this investigation from our National Hero was equal to executing this verdict: 'going to prison for 10 years and exiling for 5 years. '


    The accusation of Shahram Amiri was behind the closed door court in army court and usually was held out of usual work hours and the accusations of him based on the court were. 'Communication with enemy countries and acting against national security, as well as giving secret in formations to enemy. '


    Now that mentioned branch of court published its verdict: going to prison for ten years and excelling to Khash for 5 years.


    His family told last year: 'At first he was kept in a safe house in east of Tehran, and we were allowed to visit him twice in a cultural complex that is called Talaiye.``
    In that time the officials told his family 'Our goal is to protect his life against the danger that, the intelligence service feels, but from the last September we could not visit him and after that we understood he is kept in Heshmatiyeh prison in solitary and under interrogation.


    During those 5 months, as Iran Briefing news agency found out he was under physical and spiritual torturing and during that time he was in hospital for one week as a result of pressure.


    One his member family declared: 'We did not have any news from him and we only talked to him shortly, and he told us that he is good and his interrogation will finish very soon. '


    He also told, that he went to army prosecutors many times as well as Intelligence service department of army and no one give us a true answer.


    He also told to us, during these period intelligence service went to his home to inspect there and now we understand that they took all the things that belonged to him in his room, even books, newspapers… .‬


    But now the pressures decrease, as one of his family said in 23rd of May 2012 intelligent We are allowed to visit him from the begging of this year and we can go and see him every week, also we can talk to him for 5 minutes three times a week, and we expected to visit him in Iranian New year for 5 days but the court did not accept.


    At the end this member added: 'Shahram came back to Iran based on his desire and with out any forces, but still now we do not know did he go to USA or was he kidnapped?


    But all of us know he came back based on his decision and official members in government welcomed him and they called him National Hero.
    It is very difficult to answer this question 'why he is not at home?'


    But He is not the first and not the last one that goes to west and his life faces with serious danger.
    He tried to fraud American, and he had enough information about Iran’s condition and this helped his to fraud American intelligence service.


    Now he is punished for his lies and abusing the trust of governments in Iran and USA, and finally this balloon is exploded  with whom, that pomp it.

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