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    Posted May 26, 2012 by
    Paradise Valley, Arizona

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    On May 8, 2012 I purchased a traffic campaign from eTRAFFIC247 after receiving an email from them advertising 1 Million Free USA Visitors with any 1 Million Visitor Purchase. After my traffic campaign started, I kept checking the stat counter on my website http://donttouchtheplate.com/ to see how many hits I had received, but the number of hits that I was receiving were coming from another company called ineedhits.com. I have recieved reports from them to match my stat counter report hits which is a thousand hits from each purchase I made with them. After three days of seeing no change in my regular amount of hits my site receives each day, I sent a message to the customer support for eTRAFFIC247 on May 11, 2012 letting them know that I was not receiving any hits from the campaign I purchased. On May 12, 2012 they e mailed me back saying


    Please make sure your tracking code is installed correctly. Our stat
    tracker comes directly from our server log.


    Thank you


    Customer Support


    no one who has received my website through you has visited it now or before,from all over the world people visit my site amd I know right away when they visit, all the same amount of traffic I have had, have been through ineedhits. I receive fom 30 to 60 hits a day and it has never changed from your services before or now. my counter lets me know who has visited my site from all over the world. I talk to people and tell them to visit my site and when they do I can see it. What are you going to do to make people visit my site


    On May 13, 2012 they emailed me back


    We will have our technical team take a look at the traffic flow on Monday
    and will get back to you. We want to make sure all is working like it


    On May 15, 2012 I emailed them back


    the numbers are not going up yet


    they emaiked me back the sam day


    They are looking at the logs right now. We will get back to you later
    today or early tomorrow


    On May 16, 2012 I emailed them back


    the numbers are not going up yet


    On May 18, 2012 I emailed them again


    It has now been a week, and you have not resolved the problem yet, I hope I don't have to go another rout with this problem


    On May 19,2012 they emailed me back


    Our technical support group has checked and we are serving the amount of
    visitors per our counter and it matches our server log.


    If you have further questions, please let us know.




    Customer Support


    On May 21, 2012 I emailed them back


    Your visitors are not visiting my site, Ineedhits is the only one who is getting traffic to my site and they give me a report every month that matches up with my stat counter, If I do not start getting matching hits on my site that you claim you are serving, I will be doing a youtube next to your youtube testimonials showing all e mails from Ineedhits with their reports and my e mails from you to show the public what is really going on. It wont work to have a computer send multiple hits on my site since the stat counter shows the country and the IPS number from each hit. I pay 10 dollars a month to get a thousand hits from Ineedhits, I should have known better than to think that you would get me 2 million hits for 70 dollars. The ball is in your court now to make things happen in the right direction.


    They emailed me back saying


    Thanks for your message. We cannot provide a full refund as we have paid
    for the traffic we have sent to you already.


    We like all our customers to satisfied and if they are not, then we would
    like to make it right.


    Let us know how you would like us to proceed so we can resolve this matter.



    Thank you




    On May 22, 2012 they emailed me back


    We can provide the refund - this is not the issue. We are trying to
    understand on our end why your tracker cannot see the traffic.


    As long as you agree not to make a video that will defame our company, we
    will provide the refund

    On May 23, 2012 I emailed them back

    All my e mails with your company will become public.
    I will give you one more chance to prove your company is honest. I want you to find me a stat counter that I can add to my site that has the same services as the one I am using that will show traffic coming from your company in the amount your company is claiming that I am receiving. This is your last chance, it,s not about the money anymore, it,s about how many others may be victims. I would love it if you can prove me wrong, I would love to see two million hits on my site.

    On May 24, 2012 I emailed them for the last time

    It is obviouse thet you don't take this situation very seriously, I have given you a chance to find a stat counter for my site to prove you have been sending traffic my way. All I keep getting is more e mails trying to sell me more traffic. This weekend I will be making a new ireport on CNN for people to visit after they see the youtube video telling them what is really happening.

    They claim to have 10,500 customers, that is alot of burned customers.

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