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    Beverly Hills, California

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    " Something eerily and painfully nostalgic about America's departed heroes that demands tribute "


       As a boy I always admired America's heroes. Even if they were ficticious characters in reality. But some still cling indelibly to my memories, like Audi Murphy, The Lone Ranger, John Wayne, George Patton and Captain America, to name a few.

    .   I watched them righteously on my old b & w tv and they always appeared larger than life ! There departure always leaves a feeling of emptyness.

       They all had one thing in common essence, they were all brave, courageous, patriotic symbols of what made America so great and so memorable not only to Americans but to people all over the World. Prehaps Hollywood can be attributed for much of the hype related to these heroes images, but never the less it worked and it made millions of folk everywhere want to go to America and be part of the phenomenom and I was one of them.

       I eventually did venture to US shores in 65 and by a stroke of luck, during the British invasion became a top radio DJ. I worked at stations all over the US and I also got to introduce bands like the Stones at their concerts.

       I ended up spending 25 years there mostly in LA, a more interesting and exciting place to live I have, in all my travels, never found !

       I can't help feeling very sad and almost guilty whenever I pass by a war memorial graveyard,etc because I know freedom isn't free and never was ! Many a brave soul has made that unselfish, ultimate sacrifice so that we who are left on this Planet can live in peace and hopefully some prosperity. So here is my appreciative bit and thanks to the memories of all those who fought against tyranny and opression and died in the name of freedom !

       I may not be American by birth but have accumulated so much from living there.....I might as well be !


       The one thing I do know though is there is NO doubt in my mind.......it was America's heroes that saved and continue to protect the free World

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