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    Los Angeles, California
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    Elected Black Leaders, such as Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, etc., etc., are Clueless as to the Essence of What it Means to be an Elected Official!


    Attention Billie J. Green, Special Assistant, Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson

    Lies Don't Keep Us Safe. Keeping Us Safe Requires Respect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution. The government's argument is untenable. “The government cannot, under any circumstance, affirmatively mislead the court” by U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney

    "Insisting on honesty as the only policy, the supreme ruled Wednesday that public employees can be punished for lying, even when they merely deny an accusation that later turns out to be true”.

    “ …….Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. 'An employee who is asked about possible wrongdoing has only two legal choices: Tell the truth or say nothing”. (LA Times, January 22, 1998.)

    ........"Tell the Truth or Say Nothing" also applies to any court official, court clerk, Deputy City Attorney, Judge, elected official, lawyer, journalist, etc.


    A.   I'm a thirty year employee of the LADWP whose retirement benefits are being held hostage by the City of Los Angeles, specifically the LADWP, without cause.

    I have a clean record and no criminal history.   I'm also a Pepperdine University graduate.   I'm entitled to the retirement income and benefits earned.


    I'm also a thirty year property tax paying resident of the 2nd Los Angeles County Supervisorial and 10th Los Angeles City Council Districts.



    B.   On October 7, 2011, my Mom, Mrs. Esther M. Lofton, petitioned Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson's office for redress in my behalf and she was arrested and jailed as the result of a citizen's arrest by John Harmon.

    The LAPD would not make this arrest without Herb Wesson's office taking responsibility by making a "citizen's arrest. Subsequently, on November 2, 2011, there was no court arraignment to hold the accuser's accountable for this un-American act on the part of Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson et al.

    C.   Caucasians and/or other individuals know this is wrong, and if Caucasians have to correct these wrongs there won't be any need for black elected officials, black elected officials who should have functioned but who have yet to competently serve law abiding black men, as mandated by his or her sworn oath of office.

    When the black elected officials go, his or her legislative aides will also be history, because the newly elected officials will hire his or her own legislative aid/assistant personnel.

    It is not the job of Caucasian, Hispanic, or any other ethnicity than U.S. born blacks to be the first to step up to the plate when any law abiding black man or woman is violated by government. The first responsibility in this instance rests with our own elected black leaders.

    D.   The U.S. Supreme Court decision, to where Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas cast the deciding vote to rule against John Thompson.

    Clarence Thomas not only denied redress to John Thompson, but he also refused to hold the New Orleans City Prosecutors accountable for lying under oath that is the root cause for the very being of the John Thompson case.


    ........Furthermore President Barack Obama and multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless have the influence and power to recommend that Clarence Thomas be impeached and these individuals won't even exercise his or her authority to make this happen.


    E.   Be it snail mail or the internet, for years I've been sharing court documents and other documented evidence with Dr. Cornel West and/or other influential individuals to prove that our own elected black leaders, public servants such as LA Superior Court Clerk Delores Odom Stocks, etc., etc., are dysfunctional and have no intention of competently serving law abiding U.S. born descendants of slavery egregiously violated by the atrocities of government.



    F.    I don't have a beef with John Harmon, Edward Johnson, or any other administrative aid because these individuals are not elected officials sworn under oath and mandated by law to serve U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

    President Barack Obama, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Congresswoman Karen Bass, other members of the Congressional Black Clueless, (A.K.A. the Congressional Black Caucus), 2nd District Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson and other elected black leaders at the Federal, State, County, and City levels of government are sworn under oath and mandated by law to competently serve law abiding U.S. citizens.

    G.   U.S. born Black men and women have earned it, because many Black men and women have served this nation honorably during times of War, including members of my immediate family and/or relatives.


    Today (5-30-2012), in your presence, I expressed my dissatisfaction with Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson and/or elected black leaders who are mandated by law and sworn under oath to serve law abiding taxpaying citizens in his or her district whose Constitutional rights are egregiously violated by government.


    Michael Lofton

    PS: (Hypertext is linked to testimony, correspondence, court cases, and other supportive evidence.)




    I commend you, Marvin Stewart, former Board Director of the Minuteman Project and other Minutemen, for your understanding of a most important function of all elected officials and the duty of elected officials to respect the Constitution and his or her oath of office when serving U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.


    It is refreshing to read and to see that black people are finally waking up to "kick to the curb and beyond" the nonsense that Eric Holder, Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless, and numerous no good poverty pimping jackleg black preachers are doing to use black church members and/or other black voters for votes, only to promote the election or re-election of President Barack Obama and/or other disgraceful individuals, who don't intend to use his or her mandated oath of office to serve any law abiding U.S. born descendant of slavery.
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